Procedural walk cycles need to be off

أوبس! نأسف للإزعاج، يبذل مترجمو Molecules قصارى جهدهم لترجمة هذا المحتوى! يُرجى التفقد مجددًا لاحقًا.

Easy to spot and easy to fix!

Improvements to ground detection mean that in some cases puppets are producing procedural walk cycles when they were not before. In the cases we found the character was either static in a non-standing pose or running a bespoke walk cycle while still having a procedural walk cycle active. In both cases the fix is to disable the puppets procedural walk in the settings of the puppet tweak menu, usually using a key frame on the timeline to disable the walk for a specific period of time.

Our first example of this is in Green Guy on a Train. We can fix this by adding a key frame to the animation timeline disabling Procedural walk.

Another example is also a cut scene, Last One Standing. The fix is the same.

Another example is also a cut scene, Bottle Cap Challenge – Crooked Anne -

Another example is also a cut scene, Living Clock.

Another example in this cutscene, Protect and serve.

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