Welcome to Early Access.

Hey there, Dreamers! Welcome to Early Access and welcome to indreams.me, the dedicated site for Dreams. Here you can search and explore the Dreamiverse, visit Dreamers' profiles, see what's going on in your Following feed, check out our growing User Guide and plenty more.

The Mm team

Here we all are! We're SO excited to have you join us in Dreams. We're all here, smiling at you. Right now!

During Dreams Early Access, you'll find indreams.me invaluable for keeping up to date on all the new, shiny things coming to the Dreamiverse, as we embark on this exciting new adventure together! And, of course, it's your feedback that will help us cross the finish line, so please do head over to our feedback forums.

Okay, on to the meaty stuff - kicking off Dreams Early Access!

Getting started

If you took part in the Dreams Creator Beta, you'll likely notice a fair bit of polish and some additions to the Dreamiverse: new voices, templates, extra shine! For those of you new to Dreams, we're hoping that everything is super fabulous.

Once you've chosen your imp (your new best bud) and played through the game's intro, you'll meet the Dream Queen. She'll guide you through the basic need-to-knows of Dreams, and then you'll find yourself in your own, personal Homespace. The Dream Queen will let you know how to make this space your own, but then it'll be time to crack those knuckles and dive head-first in to the Dreamiverse.

Time for school

We're super proud of Dreams and everything that makes it what it is. We want you to get as much out of it as possible, and our tutorials are key to this.

Our collection of Dreams tutorials and masterclasses will take you through core aspects of creating in Dreams such as Sculpting, Animating and Creating Characters. Over time, we'll be adding more to the library, covering a range of topics - our aim is to give you as much help as possible when it comes to creating in Dreams.

To kick-start your learning experience, head over to DreamShaping and in to the Dreams Workshop. Here, you'll meet The Architect, who'll be guiding you through the tutorials, so make sure you're nice to him!

Okay, ready to go? Let's go!

Feeling ready and well-equipped to start your Dreams journey? We are too!

If you've already got some ideas flowing, head back in to DreamShaping and then to Browse & Create where you'll be able to start bringing things to life. Want to check out and experience what's been released in to the big, wide Dreamiverse already? DreamSurfing is your destination.

Finally, don't forget to stop by the Community Jam area, where you can find a new theme each week for everyone to create around. You can view the most popular creations from past Community Jams in the Hall of Fame, too.

Let us Know Things

As we mentioned up top, your feedback is key to making Dreams the best it can be, and during Dreams Early Access, we're asking you to use our feedback forums to let us know of any issues, bugs or other weird thingymajigs you may come across during your time with the game. We're also after any suggestions and recommendations you have about existing Dreams features.

Make your way over to our forums at feedback.indreams.me.

Info circled

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.