Grabcam Movement

You can use your imp tips with the grabcam to push and pull yourself around a scene.

Hover an imp over any object, or just a point in space. Press and hold Button hold either Move button Primary motion controller / Secondary motion controller Move button to grab that point.

To move toward it, pull the controller towards you, as if trying to pull that point out of the screen.

To move away from it, push the controller away from you, as if trying to push that point into the screen.

If you do this alternately with each controller, you can "climb" around the scene as if using pickaxes on ice to drag yourself around.

Movement is not limited to forward and back. Hold either Move button Move button and tilt Motion controller tilt or twist Motion controller the controller, and you'll see that you can move the entire scene around you.

Don't forget that you can make small movements repeatedly, rather than stretching, reaching and twisting your arms! Simply let go of the Move button Move button and grab again.

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