Known issues too late to fix for release

Save Data Management – Local Version Slots#

There is a hidden value called local dream versions. Each user has 1024 local dream version slots which are shared over all your local files. Some users rely heavily on saving local versions never realising that this local version slot cap exists.

A quick save of a single file counts as one local version slot.

When managing your save data, if you find that you cannot create a new file despite being told there is space available, look at the "Versions" for some of your local files. If you find that a single file has many local versions you will probably need to delete some. This has to be done manually for each local version currently. This can be a little slow if you have got many, many local versions.

The quicker alternative is to publish online your latest/current/important version of any local file, making sure the correct version is set to "released". Once you are confident all important versions are backed up online you can delete the local file (deleting all local versions with it).

Subtitle "Always On" to Override User Preferences#

We added a new toggle to the subtitle gadget. We realised in testing the title for the toggle "always on" might be confusing if users don't read the tips that explain it. The toggle was added so that we could make Art's Dream adhere fully to the subtitles on/off user preference.

We don't want players who have turned off subtitles in preferences to suddenly not see coMmunity subtitles. We cannot be sure that coMmunity content will have recorded dialogue. A coMmunity creation might rely on subtitles as the only way for a player to see the games dialogue, so we compromised and added this toggle.

Subtitle always on.

If you are using subtitles and no audio make sure to toggle subtitle gadgets to "always on".

Online/Offline Home Space Overwrite#

This is an issue we have been unable to fix for launch but will address later.

This happens if you are playing on a single kit and you have released an online homespace, then you go to another kit with the same user but play offline and edit your homespace while offline. When you reboot that second kit but are now online, during boot the game overwrites your offline homespace work and replaces it with the version from the server.

Text Boxes Stealing Stick Control for Text Scroll#

This is a small issue we found that affects the game Re-MIND but only when playing with sticks. The problem is that the text boxes steal stick control for text scrolling and prevent the Imp moving.

This scrolling issue is caused by having background option to "autofit" turned on even though in this case the background is actually turned off. So we can fix this in content by disabling autofit.

Re-mind sticks control stollen by text scroll autofit fix.

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