Make an Alien Character

  • Start a new element in DreamShaping
  • Select Sculpt Mode Sculpt to start creating the alien
  • Pick a sphere Ellipsoid shape and a colour you like in the Colours menu Palette
  • In Edit Shape Brush edit, reduce Looseness Amount Looseness and increase Blend Amount Soft blend
  • Start creating the shape for your alien with R2 or Cross button
  • You can toggle between Stamp and Smear Mode by pressing L1 + Triangle button
  • Use the up and down directional buttons Up/Down buttons to resize what you're stamping
  • Exit Sculpt Mode when you're happy with the body
  • Start a new sculpture Sculpt and make an eye
  • Use Spraypaint Spray can to paint in a pupil
  • Open the tweak menu for the eye and the body using L1 + Square button and play around with the values
  • Start a new sculpture Sculpt and make a mouth using the Curve Curve and Cone Cone shapes, and the Clone Clone tool
  • Select the body, mouth and eye with Cross button, then Group Add to group them together
  • Place your alien in the centre and delete the floor
  • Save your alien as a character element and give it a name
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