Assembly Mode

Change Mode

Action Recorder

The easiest way to get things moving. Just stamp the gadget into your scene and it will begin recording your actions as soon as you do something.

Hit stop recording when you're done, or retake if you need to start again. You can move objects around, adjust tweak values, possess things...

All your actions will be stored in the gadget. You can edit it afterwards, or even just use retake to start over, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Let's make a videogame staple - a moving platform. Nip into sculpt mode, get yourself a cube and use edit shape. Stretch and flatten it into a platform shape.

You can use controlled scale to do that. Stamp it down when you're happy and head back to assembly mode. Clone it twice so you have 3 platforms.

Put two of them a distance from each other, and put the third next to one of them. This will be your moving platform. Now get an action recorder and stamp it down.

Don't worry - it's not going to start recording till you start moving things. Grab the platform and move it on a straight(ish) line till you get to the other platform.

If you feel like you've messed up, just hit retake to start over. When you're happy, select stop recording. Notice the dotted line when you hover the platform.

This is the animation path. Tweak the action recorder, and set playback mode to ping-pong. Start time. Your platform moves back and forth as if by magic!

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