Changes to the Controller Sensor imp follow

Controller Sensor – "Follow Imp" Possession Mode Tweak – Object Can No Longer Move Off-Screen#

As we work on VR we have been improving the controller sensor Possession Mode/Follow Imp tweak. One change we decided to make is that the attached object should not be able to go off-screen, but will stop at the edges, just like the imp does.

This decision has affected the coMmunity level 'Gun Blood'. We investigated and found a content fix, below, to resolve the problem we have introduced. We decided that the change to the tweak behaviour was still worth making as it improves the system overall.

Gun blood – Focus Distance Fix#

The gameplay reticule (that you can see when playing) is following another dummy object. It's the dummy object which is using the controller sensor Follow Imp tweak.

The dummy object is in a different position in the X axis (closer to the camera) than the gameplay reticule. The object can no longer go off-screen and so the gameplay reticule cannot track as far as it used to (seeming to lock in place). The solution is actually relatively simple. The dummy object is positioned at the Focus Distance of the camera. If we simply push the Focus Distance back so that the dummy is in the same position as the gameplay reticule in X, it can now move to the correct position with imp motion in play mode.

GunBlood follow imp focus distance content fix.

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