Force appliers compensate for force applied by movers

Before revision 130048, force appliers would apply forces to objects in ignorance of forces that were being applied by movers to the same object. This meant that a force applier set to Speed 1 m/s could actually accelerate an object to a higher speed if it happened to incorrectly combine with a mover that was pushing in a similar direction. This was causing erratic behaviour in some creations. Now movers and force appliers should only attempt to accelerate an object to the speed set in the tweak settings at which point they will stop applying a force.

Turn Left Duck#

The forward boost on circle button is a lot stronger on latest code. From investigating the game logic it appears this is because the user had a mover in the boost to reduce the combined speed of the forwards movement mover and the force repulse. A mover is used to dampen the power of the force applier. This can be fixed by removing the mover from the boost circuit and reducing the force applier's speed (via the Push slider that is being multiplied).

Turn left Duck force repulse VS Mover fix.

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