Wipes (doors, checkpoints and wiper gadgets)

We have done lots of work on wipes to make them more consistent across the gadgets that use them (wiper, doorway, checkpoint) and give the user more control. This may have resulted in some backwards compatibility issues. Things to look out for are wipes which are now solid colour instead of a photo; and where the wipe direction has been inverted (this is most noticeable with circular wipe, where the circle closes instead of opens or vice versa). In all cases the fix should be fairly simple.

An additional change that could cause a knock-on is that resetting a scene with the global settings gadget will now re-run any door wipes.

Hidden Treasure#

Level transition is now white. Just needs the entrance doorway wipe colour resetting to black and brightness setting to 0%.

Hidden treasure portal wipe colour and brightness fix.

In some cases users may find that a constant wipe effect is occurring where it did not before. If you load into a scene/during a scene, and a wipe appears and does not go away, have a look at how the wiper is being powered and the wipe timings. If powered on and never powered off the wipe will not transition out. If the wipe gadget is at the start of a scene it may be you want to remove it and swap for a doorway gadget with wipe settings.

My garden#

When loading into the scene there is a constant transition running. This is because there is a wiper gadget that is constantly powered on. The gadget is never powered off so it never transitions out. This wiper should be removed or set to only power briefly on level load e.g. by using a timeline to control power over time.

My garden constant wipe effect fix

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