Changes to Sassyness

¡Vaya! Disculpa las molestias, ¡pero en estos momentos nuestros amigos de “Media Molecule” están dándolo todo para traducir este contenido! Por favor, vuelve por aquí en un ratito.

Some users have experienced a negative effect on their procedural animation for characters using Sassyness. Sassyness was changed to be a more full body effect rather than just being focused on the hips. This allowed us to create better and more varied run cycles across the board and we felt it was a worthwhile trade.

In the future we might revisit procedural animations and hopefully add more sliders and controls. In the meantime I have a temporary solution that users might find interesting. This can be achieved with an IK keyframe (applied while animating with R2) on the upper body (torso). Use a variable signal strength to power the keyframe, depending on how much shoulder sway you want. In the example I use a counter to define my partial signal, but you can use other methods. This torso animation will need powering off or filtering out during some of your other animations.

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