Updates to default puppet

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Replace local changes OFF

We have made some additions to the puppet as seen in the procedural animation section. We have decided to activate the new 'anticipate turn' and 'idle jump' on the default puppet so that new puppets already have them active. If you built your puppet from the basic puppet you will likely see this as an update available in the update tool for that creation. It's best practice before taking any update to read the version notes that appear in the update tool and be sure you want to take those changes. You probably also want to turn off 'replace local changes', otherwise you could see objects like sculptures change.

Don't panic if you perform the update with 'replace local changes' still on. You should be able to perform an undo on the update to revert the changes and then perform the update again with 'replace local changes' turned off.  Another best practice is to always test your level after performing updates and before saving to be sure the update was successful.

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