Assemble a Level – Ancient Temple Kit

  • Find the Ancient Temple Kit in the Dreamiverse using Search サーチ
  • Use Sculpt Mode スカルプト to create a base to stamp everything on
  • Stamp objects with R2 or Xボタン
  • Hold L1 before grabbing with R2 to clone an object
  • Release L1 once the clone is made, but hold R2 until you want to place it
  • Rotate objects with L2, or flip them with L3 or R3, for variety
  • Tint ペイントを注ぐ objects for colour variety
  • Add some movement to the water with Effects Mode エフェクトモード
  • For a simple hazard, tweak the water and turn off Collidable コライドOK
  • Stamp an Action Recorder 録画 and animate some platforms
  • Add some contraptions from the collection to make gameplay
  • Add the Mood and Music contraptions for a finishing touch

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