Use Motion Sensor Function to Control Your Imp

  • Using small movements, tilt and rotate your controller to move your imp
  • Hold the OPTIONSボタン button to recentre your imp
  • Press R2 all the way in to grab objects
  • Press R2 lightly to nudge objects
  • Use 左スティック to move around the scene
  • Hold L1 and use 左スティック to strafe
  • Use 右スティック to look around
  • Use 左スティック and 右スティック together to fly around the scene
  • Grab objects with R2 and move them around with 左スティック and 右スティック
  • Grab an object with R1 to use grabcam
  • While using grabcam, push 左スティック up/down to zoom in/out; use 右スティック to rotate
  • Hold L1 and tap R1 on an object to zip to it quickly
  • You can also use motion sensor function with grabcam to tilt the scene around your imp

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