Connector/Object Position/Orientation fix-up can cause broken base poses

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This causes a puppet limb (that had bad data due to being from an old build with editor bugs) to have unexpected position data in the limbs that wasn't apparent because the connectors were overriding them with their orientation data.

There was a bug that meant the first time a jointed object is powered on after its host group has moved (as a puppet limb for example), the user will see the object travel from its original position over a frame.

The mismatch between object position and connector orientation data caused by this fix should be fairly rare and should only effect default positions/poses of jointed objects and not any animations.

Sandbox shooter

This is a pretty complicated example as the affected rig is quite complex.

Cone Wars

This is an interesting example. Many people will have a base character file which is used in their scenes. We want to apply the fix to this file and then update across the scenes that use it. Additionally interesting is that, in this case, in the "Imp Mech" base file the broken pose did not seem to be present. Even so, we see the broken pose in the scene. Assuming the base pose we are seeing in the Mech file is correct, we simply go in and R2 click on all the affected limbs to restore their position. When we save and update in the scenes this new pose should come across and resolve the bug. If the Mech file had presented the same problem as the scene - rather than restoring the pose that was there we would have re-posed the file. Note all other animated poses are unaffected.

Painted Male base

An example of just a character that has been affected.

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