De-possession doesn't work if Force Possess is on

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It used to be possible to override force possession but now we have made it explicit.

Great Job Human

In the title screen the game is blocked. Here we can solve the issue by using the existing "release imp" key frame which uses "keep changes" to turn off force possession.

In Gameplay it's the same fix but due to the more complex setup requiring re-possession we found it easier to fix with a bespoke key frame wired from the existing toggle on the signal manipulator.

Tic Tac Toe

The same knock-on occurs in Tic Tac Toe because the controller sensor's "Force possession" is always "On". It prevents the player de-possessing when claiming a block and moving possession to the second character. This is easily resolved by turning off "Force possession" and just pulsing an on signal when a block is claimed.

Bowling with Guns

The player can no longer navigate the main menu. This creation has quite a complicated system for the menus based on number of detected players. We found the easiest way to resolve the backwards compatibility issue was to simplify the logic on the menu controller sensor. Switch it to remote control and remove a lot of the possession logic.

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