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The most anticipated compatibility issue!

We have added an optimisation to reduce the GPU cost of screen space text from text gadgets. Any creation that uses screen space text gadgets (including subtitles) should now have 5% less GPU cost when text is visible. The optimisation is only possible with a change to how screen text interacts with bloom, lens flare and black bar effects.

Always on Top screen space text toggle

Always on Top screen space text toggle

Previously, screen space text would use the (fixed) bokeh settings for bloom and lens flare, and ignore black bars. Now we use the game grade settings on text or no grade at all if the always on top tweak, which is now available under the "Settings" tab for screen space text, is turned on.

Some content may need fixes - usually this fix will be to simply set "always on top" to affected text. We appreciate text is used a lot and so this is likely to have the biggest hit on community content, especially:

  • If the text needs to draw in the black bars area.
  • If the text has to blend over bright areas of the game.
  • To exclude bright text from a strong game bloom or lens flare effect.

Remember when making these fixes that if you double click on a gadget in a microchip it will select all the gadgets on the canvas. If you then tweak a specific gadget type (text) and change a setting it will only change it for all the gadgets selected of that gadget type (apart from the gadget name field). This trick can speed up making these kinds of fixes.

Here are some examples that that we found in user content and how they can be fixed to bring them in line with this code change.

Dog's Run

This creation has both black bar underlap and text being affected by screen effects. This is fixed by toggling the affected screen space text to always on top in the settings tweaks page.

The Dentist – Heaven Ideas Intro

This is an example of screen space text being affected by screen effect. Use "always on top" in the settings tweaks page.


Another example of screen space text being affected by screen effects. So much bloom! Use "always on top" in the settings tweaks page.

Mimeo Prophecy

Possibly the most complex example of requirement for "always on top". The creation makes heavy use of multiple text gadgets to create its unique UI. Some prompts are underlapping the black bars which need to be "always on top". In the health and player stats UI the heavily layered text has gone out of order. The fix here is to turn "always on top" on/off to re-order the text.

Pig Detective

Another example of text underlapping black bars. Text needs setting to "always on top" in the settings tweaks page.

Forklift Licence

Start game and level end/score text is unreadable against the white background. Set "always on top" in the settings tweaks page.

Laser Bounce

Text underlapping the black bars at the end of each level. This is a dialogue gadget that simply needs to be set to "always on top" in the settings tweaks page.

White World


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