Stay on screen (off-screen death) and off-screen indicator

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These features are commonly used in co-op creations, to indicate what side of the screen a player has gone off when the camera can no longer track the player. If they don't come on in time, kill and respawn them.

In Early Access the offscreen indicator and offscreen death functions were not working correctly.

To get the indicator but not kill offscreen players, the user had to a have "stay onscreen" (offscreen death) turned on and "offscreen indicator" turned off. This was incorrect and didn't make any sense. We have fixed these problems but this has had some knock-ons.

In Driven to Death off-screen death is active but the offscreen indicator is not. With the new code this means players get no indicator and they are killed when offscreen. This appears to be the opposite of the creator's intentions. Turning off "stay onscreen" and turning on "offscreen indicator" fixes this. It needs to be applied to all relevant controller sensors.

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