Rotators and puppets

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Puppets cannot ignore Rotators now

This code change was designed to disable built-in puppet look-at/follow type behaviour if a mover/rotator type gadget is acting on the puppet.

Previously, the puppet would only be informed if the mover/rotator was actually moving the object but there's an edge case that this didn't cover. Consider a follower at its target. It doesn't actually need to move the character (as it's already at the target position). Previously, it would only inform the puppet when on the way to the target and not when actually there. This could cause glitches if the puppet is trying to achieve a different position - the follower achieves its target and the puppet tries to move back, at which point the follower takes over again, etc. The code change means that the puppet is now informed of the mover/rotator if the mover/rotator has the ability to move/rotate the puppet even if it is not actually doing so. This fixes the above and makes more sense.

This change can have subtle effects that a player who did not make a creation would potentially not notice, but the creator would.

Topher Thebes

An example of a creation affected by this change - the fix is a little more involved but is not difficult. Firstly, we need to make sure the Tail attack Mover is only powered when in use or it will be constantly affecting the handling of the character. Secondly, after this change we need to address issues with the character not facing the right way in the intro.


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