The 3rd Annual Impy Awards

The 3rd Annual Impy Awards takes place on March 27th, 2022!

The Impy Awards are all about celebrating the past year in the Dreamiverse, and are a chance to look back at the creations and creators that have made it such a special 12 months.

Everything you need to know about the 3rd Annual Impy Awards can be found on this page: how to submit yourself or your creation for an Impy Award; the official rules; and the shortlist of nominees when we’re ready to reveal it! In early 2022, we’ll also share details on our new playable Impys Hub - so do stay tuned.

We’ve got big plans for the 3rd Annual Impy Awards, and we hope you’re excited. See you at the show!

The winning creations and creators of the 3rd Annual Impy Awards.

The shortlisted entries for the Impys.

Terms and conditions for the Impys.

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