¿Qué es Dreams?

Dreams™ is a space where you go to play and experience the dreams of Media Molecule and the Dreams community. It's also a space in which to create your own dreams, whether they're games, art, films, music or anything in-between and beyond.

A Place to Create#

At Media Molecule, we believe that making video games should be for everyone, and have the same accessibility and pleasure as playing with a camera, a guitar, or a pencil – something you can start to learn just by picking it up.

And that's what we've created. Dreams allows players to create anything from games to gadgets, music to movies, puzzles to paintings and everything in-between and beyond - all from their own sofa, with just a PS4™ system.

Tutorials in Dreams

Tutorials in Dreams

Tutorials to Ignite Your Creativity#

With a toolset capable of creating full-blown video games, creation could seem daunting to newcomers. But our dedicated tutorials team have ensured that from the ground up, the creation experience in Dreams is for everyone. Tutorials take new users through every aspect of creation, from individual tools and techniques, to set pieces and examples that kick-start the wildest ideas. All with difficulties Beginner to Advanced. Tutorials in Dreams are part of the Dreams experience, they entertain, educate and ultimately ensure that creation in Dreams is for everyone to enjoy. No one is left behind in contributing to the Dreams community.

A 3D Sculpt, made in Dreams

A 3D Sculpt, made in Dreams

A Unique Visual Footprint#

Dreams was created from the ground up with a unique graphics engine capable of displaying a broad range of visual styles. This versatility allows creators to run wild, and create everything from whispy ethereal painterly landscapes to crisp recreations of precision modelled props. The boundaries of visual styles possible are still being explored by creators within the Dreams community, continually evolving what's possible in Dreams.

Audio tools in Dreams

Audio tools in Dreams

Ground-Breaking Audio Tools#

Easily matching Dreams' visual delights is an array of audio tools that upgrades your PS4™ system in to a recording studio like no other. There's an immediacy to Audio creation in Dreams which allows musicians and audio artists to dive straight in and start experimenting. The wireless controller is transformed in to an instrument that creates, composes and conducts everything from effects, soundscapes to entire albums. Used in conjunction with the graphics engine the possibilities for audio visual performance are endless.

A Place to Play#

Dreams is a community of creators and players. Thousands of creations, shared by people around the world, are available to play in the comfort of your home. There's always something unique, inspiring or just downright hilarious to enjoy - with just a quick dip in to the community's smorgasbord of charming creations.

Community creations made in Dreams

Community creations made in Dreams

Gameplay Found Nowhere Else#

Giving players the chance to manifest their wildest ideas leads to a range of gameplay experiences that's hard to find anywhere outside the Dreams community. Have you always wanted a platform game bouncing around as a customisable Llama? Maybe you have a secret desire to strut your stuff as much you can in a crazed catwalk countdown walk-off. Perhaps you fancy dipping in to a Samurai showdown between giant eyeballs, or racing against the clock to keep your chickens warm in winter, or embarking on a quest as a famous detective that just so happens to be a pig. The rich breadth of gameplay available in Dreams is a reflection of the minds that make up the Dreams community. The creation tools in Dreams enable even the most crazy ideas to prove themselves in the real world, moving them from fluffy mind-ponderings to actual games and experiences that can be shared around the world. Sometimes terrifying, mostly hilarious and every so often, just now and then - a glimpse of sheer, untapped and raw genius.

A Platform for Creativity#

Dreams isn't just a game, it isn't just a platform for games. It is so much more that that. It's a space where you can immerse yourself in the thoughts and imaginings dreamt up and shared by others, only made possible by the freedom of creative expression Dreams provides.

And it's only just getting started.

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