Beta Evaluation

모든 언어로 베타 버전을 이용할 수 있게 하고 싶었지만, 지금은 어려운 일이네요. 대응은 언제나 환영이지만, 소통은 영어로 진행되어야 한다는 점을 잊지마세요.

Welcome to our Beta Evaluation process! Before you dive right in, make sure you check out the intro post which answers some common questions around this area.

Application Process#

The application and evaluation will be conducted in English. Any communication between applicants and Media Molecule will be in English and your feedback must be provided in English.

  1. Download and complete the PDF application form and submit to Your application will be assessed on the following criteria:
    • Project viability
    • Requisite skills to complete the project
    • Member of Dreams in good standing
  2. Applicants will receive an auto response from confirming that the application has been received.
  3. Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their acceptance into the closed beta evaluation and will be able to evaluate Dreams and use their work off platform for the purpose of their project, subject to the Terms.

Please note that approval for the evaluation of Dreams is granted on a 'per project' basis. Due to potentially high numbers of applicants we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applications.

Apply(새 탭에서 열기)

Beta Evaluation Terms#

Dreams Creators ("Creators") may evaluate Dreams for the purpose of the project specified in their application, provided Creators comply with the following Terms.

  1. By submitting an application to evaluate Dreams for the project, Creators:
    a. confirm they are over the age of 18;
    b. agree to be bound by these Terms;
    c. agree to provide regular, detailed and accurate feedback/evaluation of the use of Dreams and any off-platform use to Media Molecule (format solely at Media Molecule's discretion);
    d. agree to appropriately credit Dreams on the final creation where possible, by including the Made in Dreams logo alongside other credits;
    e. agree to share the expertise acquired during their evaluation of Dreams in relation to the project;
    f. agree to share work in progress with Media Molecule when requested;
    g. consent to Media Molecule contacting Creators in relation to their project via the email address provided in their application; and
    h. consent to feature the project in PlayStation PR/promotional materials (where requested and subject to individual project requirements).
  2. Where information is disclosed to Creators relating to Dreams, Creators undertake to keep the information confidential. This means that Creators will not, without obtaining prior written consent:
    a. make any part of the information available to any third party;
    b. use Dreams or the information for any purpose other than the project; or
    c. make any kind of copy of any part of Dreams or the information unless strictly necessary to carry out the project.
    These obligations shall not apply to any part of the information which Creators can clearly demonstrate has become public knowledge other than via them.
    If consent for Creator participation in this evaluation is withdrawn, or Creators no longer wish to take part, Creators must destroy or return to Media Molecule all complete or partial copies of the information which Media Molecule provided to them. Creators must also give to Media Molecule, or certify to Media Molecule that they have destroyed, all analyses, studies and other materials produced which relate to the information, and any summaries (in whatever form). Media Molecule retains the right at any time to ask Creators to do this.
  3. Intellectual property rights are retained by the respective owner.
  4. Permission for Creators to evaluate Dreams for the purpose of their project is subject to Creators ensuring that all UGC is original content and does not contain any third-party intellectual property rights.
  5. Any information provided by Media Molecule to Creators in connection with their project is provided on an 'as is' basis.
  6. All communication between Media Molecule and Creators shall be in English.
  7. Creators will provide Media Molecule with their PSN Online ID and e-mail address so Media Molecule can verify that Creators are Dreams members and communicate with Creators regarding their application. Media Molecule may also process Creators' names and feedback provided during the evaluation. Media Molecule will process such personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and its Privacy Policy, which can be found here(새 탭에서 열기).
  8. Approval for the evaluation of Dreams is granted on a 'per project' basis. Each new project must be submitted via an application to Media Molecule for approval. If there are changes to a project beyond the proposal submitted to and accepted by Media Molecule, Creators must seek Media Molecule's further approval in writing for all modifications.
  9. Creators must provide feedback on the progress of their project to Media Molecule for a period of no less than six months from approval of their application.
  10. Media Molecule reserve the right to change the Terms at its discretion and can terminate/suspend the beta evaluation at any time in its entirety or on a project basis.

Dreams Universe 유저 가이드는 제작 진행 중입니다. 학습 자원 및 기사를 계속 추가할 예정이므로 업데이트를 수시로 확인해주세요.