Meet the coMmunity

Meet the coMmunity

Get to know the people behind the dreams

What is a ‘wholesome’ game in Dreams? Should a ‘cosy’ creation ever challenge you? The Impsider interviews the creators behind some of the most heartwarming stuff in the Dreamiverse.

Why is this weird Internet folk tale capturing the imaginations of Dreams players? We spoke to creators to learn more about The Backrooms, and liminal spaces in Dreams.

Which Dreams creations leave the coMmunity shivering with fear? Find out in this cursed collection of recommendations for horror fans...

We asked our talented Dreams coMmunity creators to tell us about their creative processes - and the results were eye-opening.

Multi-talented musician, artist and game designer Dylan Aiello, aka ghostfruit64, on how he cultivated one of the most diverse skill sets in Dreams.

Media Molecule sits down for a chat with Anthony Cristiano, aka HalfUp, to discuss his lifelong love of art, his award-winning creation The Snowgardens, and his approach to creating in Dreams.

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