Tips & Tricks

How do I maximise my score? What's berserk mode? Do dragons have a weak spot? Why does Herb talk like a New York cabbie? Discover the answers to these questions here. Except for that last one. Nobody knows, and Herb gets touchy when you ask him.


Market stall in the grand bazaar

Market stall in the grand bazaar

  • to move
  • to look around
  • to attack
  • + to evade
  • to pick something up
  • to use a potion
  • or to block
  • to read Fallen Hero Notes
  • to see the menu

Combat Tips#

  • Time three sword strikes well to do a 3-hit combo. Your sword will glow when it’s time to strike.
  • The third strike of a 3-hit combo does massively increased damage.
  • If the third strike of a 3-hit combo connects with an enemy you’ll also get some health back.
  • Defeating an enemy starts a timer. If you kill another enemy before the timer runs out, you start a kill chain.
  • Each link in your kill chain multiplies your score.
  • When your kill chain reaches 5, you’ll enter berserk mode, and you’ll get a speed and damage boost.
  • While in berserk mode, maintain and increase your kill chain for as long as you can.
Scoria battles a couple of snappers

Scoria battles a couple of snappers

  • Break all the grass, boxes, and pots you encounter. Some contain gold which is good for score. Some contain potions, which will help you through each chapter.
  • When your health gets low, a potion icon will flash above your head. Pay attention and use a potion quickly!
  • When on a suspended platform like a bridge, try to stay away from the sides – these structures have been known to give way, especially during combat encounters.
  • Don’t be afraid to block — your shield will stop any damage from enemies while you’re using it.
  • Environmental items and traps can be used to help defeat some enemies, however, if you don’t strike the final blow yourself, you won’t get the points!
  • Playing with a friend will give you double the attack power…
  • ... but you share potions and no extra ones are given. Co-operation will be needed to ensure you both survive!
  • If you hold the attack button, your sword will start to glow and charge up. Release it when fully charged for a powerful attack.

High Scores#

Skeletons of fallen heroes

Skeletons of fallen heroes

  • The more enemies you defeat in a row (i.e. the longer your kill chain is), the more points you’ll score.
  • Each link in the chain multiplies the score for a kill by the number in the chain.
  • Big enemies give big scores, so if you can leave them till later in your chain, you’ll get more points.
  • Try to clear an area without breaking your chain to maximise your score.
  • Collect all 5 treasures in a chapter to get a big bonus in 'Here for Glory' mode.
  • Complete a chapter without dying in 'Here for Glory' mode to get a big score bonus.
  • In 'Here for Glory' mode you get a score bonus for finishing the chapter quickly.
  • Many have attempted the journey and failed. Luckily, they had time to jot down notes for you before they succumbed. Can you find all 50?
Dragon empire crest

Dragon empire crest


  • Dragons breathe fire, which you can block with your shield.
  • Dragons are armed with a shield and sword.
  • Dragons are weak to attacks from behind, so roll around them while they attack to hit their weak spot.

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