Frequently Asked Questions

How will my scene be used?#

You’ll be able to hit Quick Play to jump into the coMmunity-created scenes that Team Megapenguin has played, remixed and added to the dream. We hope that as many scenes as possible will be playable in Quick Play.

Secondly, some scenes will be added to the Adventure!

Admittedly, this is a new experiment and we don’t know how many scenes to expect from creators.

The manner in which the Adventure will be constructed and updated will be something we continually develop, and look forward to jamming on! We will regularly check in on Megapenguin and the adventures you create for him on our official channels. Our intention is to use the Adventure to showcase the most impressive scenes, and hopefully string together the most epic Adventure imaginable! (Well, for a space penguin.)

What can I use?#

The Dreamiverse is an infinite sprawl of puzzling possibilities for Megapenguin, who has no idea where he’ll go or what he’ll meet next. Nor do we!

To get you started, though, we’ve created a useful collection of Megapenguin-y things you may want to use in your creations: pebbles, portals, the scanner text tool, all that good stuff.

Feel free to incorporate any of your existing creations, mechanics or characters in your Megapenguin scene(s).

Do not use existing IPs (intellectual properties) without permission. While Dreams allows you to use existing remixable creations from the Dreamiverse, if you are planning on incorporating another creator's established characters or notable style, it is best to ask their permission first.

What should I make?#

Great question - we don’t know! We hope that the first three exits provide some creative jumping-off points, but as a coMmunity, you can interpret the rest entirely as you see fit. We will return to talk about developments in the Megapenguin universe at regular intervals on our official channels.

Our best advice, though, is to focus on quality over quantity. We hope Megapenguin gives the coMmunity at large a single game to collectively showcase their flair. We hope it will become big, so focus on making something that stands out by playing well and looking great!

Can I alter Megapenguin for my scene?#

Yes! As long as your scene features Megapenguin, feel free to alter his behaviours or appearance to suit your art style or story. Remember to always use the ‘Globals’ Microchip in your scene, because this keeps count of Megapenguins prized Pebbles.

When will it end?#

We want to return to Megapenguin through our official channels regularly and catch up on the coMmunity goings-on. We don’t have an end date in mind yet.

What are Pebbles for?#

Honestly, Megapenguin just likes them. We haven’t chosen a set use for them - but you can! Feel free to use the global variable ‘Pebbles’ however you see fit.

What about continuity?#

Feel free to drop story bombshells and incorporate new gameplay mechanics in your scene, but remember these may not exist outside of your scene unless other creators refer to them. If Megapenguin acquires new shoes in your scene, he will lose them when he leaves, for example.

Why hasn't my scene been included?#

We will be adding scenes to the Megapenguin Rehatched dream over time, in no particular order.

If your scene doesn’t meet the requirements, or is overly difficult or inaccessible to players, we reserve the right to not include it in the Megapenguin Rehatched dream.

Similarly, we cannot use any content that may be offensive, fails to comply with the Dreams age rating, or features IP infringement. You can check our CoMmunity Guidelines for more on this.

We cannot gauge the volume of scenes we will receive, and as such the format for the dream may evolve as volume dictates.

As an ongoing and experimental project, we plan to revisit the dream in order to make adjustments. The adventure may be rearranged and edited as we see fit!

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.