I want to take my foundation to the next level

Explore ways to advance your dungeon crawler foundation beyond the basics.

Use the grid when creating your levels#

Grid snap and obey auto guides are highly recommended as an aid while building levels. They'll help you make sure there are no gaps between doorways when placing rooms, as the top-down camera perspective makes it easy to miss a gap.

You aren’t limited to what's in the collection#

We’ve given you an array of rooms to use, but you can create your own rooms using the Floors and Walls & Pillars collections to piece together your own rooms. Or you could use our rooms as a starting point, tweaking them to change floor designs, door placements and so on.

How do I allow the Moving Pillars and Mirror Pedestals to be pushed against walls?#

The Block logic microchip inside these has a switch called Cannot Move Against Walls. If you turn this off then they can be pushed against walls or close to other objects. However be careful with this, as it can allow players to break puzzles by getting them stuck!

How do I put different items in a chest or pot?#

This is taught in Play & Edit 1. You can use x-ray to see switches that define what's inside these containers when opened. Just select the items you want. You can have multiple items.

The puppet is a bit boring how do I change it?#

Firstly we recommend playing through the Character Art Tutorial to find out all about changing how puppets look. Once you’ve done that, make a remix of the Dungeon Adventurer puppet and go wild.

The level is so grey is it easy to make it look nicer?#

We highly recommend playing the Coat, Style & Effects Tutorial to find out some easy ways to add colour and style to sculptures. Additionally, all the elements within the kit are quite simply made and can easily be manipulated in Sculpt Mode. We do recommend keeping all elements to the same scale though, as they work best at their current scale.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.