The nominations have been counted and the shortlists are here. The following creations and their creators have all done enormously well to get to this stage, congratulations!

Creator of the Year#

  1. Pixel_Gorilla
  2. RbdJellyfish
  3. Prinz_Laser
  4. HalfUp
  5. Entropy-Tamed
  6. girlfromcroydon
  7. SebastianTeamPD & Team Pig Detective

Creation of the Year#

  1. LOCK by Pixel_Gorilla
  2. The Snowgardens by HalfUp
  3. Alpine Dream (Snowboarding) by TheOtterbon
  4. A Little Perspective by RbdJellyfish
  5. Infinity Jump by the_burgervan
  6. TEMPORAL FUSE by DancingEmber
  7. Pig Detective 3 - Death on Detox Island by Team Pig Detective

Best Art Direction#

  1. The Snowgardens by HalfUp
  2. Where leaves fall from Serenity by Sparten__X53
  3. Bon Appétit ! [WIP] by Elfiooh
  5. Untitled Space Opera. by ORD6

Best Narrative#

  1. Pig Detective 3 - Death on Detox Island by Team Pig Detective
  2. The Snowball by byvsen
  3. *Pollen by TRIX9
  4. The Hermit by Lidlig
  5. The Snowgardens by HalfUp

Best Sculpture#

  1. Pumpkin Spice by SootyPinions
  2. Cheetah Head by SuperCatchyName
  3. A Greasy Meal by VitaminG_90
  4. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove by BADROBO82
  5. Silver Elder Dragon Head Sculpt by palscage

Best Music#

  1. Pig Detective 3 - Official Soundtrack by ReddishBoat
  2. Grey Song a Day Album by SaucelessOne
  3. MasherButtons - For The Dreams I Can't Remember (venwave Remix) by venwave
  4. Morgonblues by byvsen
  5. Splatty's Adventure by RDKatrell22

Best Animation#

  1. The Snowball by byvsen
  2. NOGUCHI'S BELL -Episode 1 Trailer by Cyber_Sheep_Film
  3. Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! by Patekkah
  4. Go Hiking! by arseny3d
  5. Nine Tails Story / DEMO by Esuki

Best Gameplay#

  1. Tiamatan by girlfromcroydon
  2. Octane by Azure_Kn1ght
  3. Press X To Puzzle by Pixel_Gorilla
  4. STEAMBOUND by donut_mutt
  5. Alpine Dream (Snowboarding) by TheOtterbon

Best Curator#

  1. LadyLexUK
  2. Pookachoo
  3. OcularFixation
  4. Nephrendil
  5. Lucid_Stew

Best Character#

  1. 8-Bit by Zypher755
  2. *lash by FeyzPS
  3. Alfie (Alfred Elephant) by PuddyDoke
  4. A very Plane character by icecreamcheese
  5. Character Showcase - Mrs Meek by AndymationB

Best Audio Design#

  1. The Snowball by byvsen
  2. Disappearance at Birch Hollow by Mandelbo
  3. Left to Rot [HORROR] by Denjo92
  4. GL/TCH-R [WIP] by Elca_Gaming
  5. Vineland by ZIIQ

Funniest Creation#

  1. Pig Detective 3 - Death on Detox Island by Team Pig Detective
  2. Push to Open by ParsleyGuy_Alex
  3. "This Halloween" - Music Video by TheRedProphett
  4. Throwing a New Year's Eve Party With Barry Blobfish by Zach-inator6
  5. Opposite Day 8: It Ain't Great! by MrCaseyJones

Best Innovation#

  1. Moldable Maze Testing Levels (WIP) by TannicAlloy
  2. IMPCEPTION by cgCody
  3. CoMmunity Events TV by Bella_Iris
  4. The Entropy Games by Entropy-Tamed
  5. Musicalia by Glitch_Me_Up

Scare of the Year#

  1. The Twilight Shift by RurouniDan
  2. Left to Rot [HORROR] by Denjo92
  3. Vestige by AVNDR_found
  4. Trauma by NauticalSquatch
  5. THE INVOCATION by TheBlightBeast

Most Improved Dreamer#

CoMmunity Category

  1. YLedbetter10
  2. HeyitsmeDG
  3. NotreDamin
  4. girlfromcroydon
  5. JechtaPlays

CoMmunity Star#

CoMmunity Category

  1. leadnail
  2. KeldBjones
  3. Phreaky
  4. Bella_Iris
  5. venwave

Best Voice Acting#

CoMmunity Category

  1. KeldBJones in LOCK
  2. Bella_Iris in The Widow
  3. Zodira in The Twilight Shift
  4. xMightyViciousx in Deeno Teaser Trailer: In-Dreams Cut
  5. SKINNYCHAD in Shuffleboard

Hidden Gem Dream#

CoMmunity Category

  1. Binary Bash by danikaka
  2. RElax unWIND by der_timme
  3. A Crime on Floor 99 by Frostadoodle
  4. Musicalia by Glitch_Me_Up
  5. Grey Song a Day Album by SaucelessOne

Hidden Gem Creator#

CoMmunity Category

  1. Zypher755
  2. stevie128k
  3. Lidlig
  4. beanbob101
  5. Helekosi

Most Helpful Dreamer#

CoMmunity Category

  1. TAPgiles
  2. Aecert
  3. VinceKully
  4. SakkusMind
  5. MrCaseyJones

Favourite Streamer#

  1. KeldBjones
  2. Elca_Gaming
  3. MickYayger
  4. cutaia_net
  5. ApesOnFire

Favourite Video Creator#

  1. SakkusMind
  2. UglySofaGaming
  3. LadyLexUK
  4. VinceKully
  5. byvsen

Best VR Experience#

  1. Tectonic by sanderobros
  2. ESCAPE - A minimalist Escape Room by SlurmMacKenzie
  3. Please Press The Button by Aecert
  4. Jungle Bill VR by Nbeyeler
  5. ME by Wargarble

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