Brand New Planet Jam

Hey there coMmunity!

We’ve got some exciting news to share about our next CoMmunity Jam! We’ve partnered with BBC Earth(opens in new tab) (ooo fancy!) and Professor Brian Cox (ooo science-y!) on the theme of Brand New Planet, inspired by the latest Brian Cox TV series, Universe.

When the project kicks off on Tuesday 19th October, we’ll be inviting dreamers to come up with their own planets - somewhere in the stars that we lovely humans could call home one day!

In an upcoming episode of Universe, titled Alien Worlds, Professor Brian Cox will be exploring new planets, discovered using the Kepler telescope, surrounding habitable zones of nearby stars. You can check out the episode, and the full series, on BBC iPlayer(opens in new tab) from November 3rd. It’ll be an excellent chance to compare your #MadeInDreams planets to the planets we've discovered in the stars!

We invited the good professor to share a few words of wisdom for you ahead of the jam. Check out the video below!

Jam introduction video

To help kick things off, the ever-amazing mBergs has worked with us to create a handful of assets to help on your journey through space in this jam. You’ll be able to access these assets via the CoMmunity Jam page when the jam goes live, or by searching Brand New Planet Kit in the Dreamiverse.

  • Brand New Planet Kit image

    Brand New Planet Kit image

  • Mood Contraption image

    Mood Contraption image

  • Space Telescope image

    Space Telescope image

And finally, tune in to our Twitch channel(opens in new tab) on November 12th at 7PM GMT where we’ll be checking out a collection of creations from this jam... with Professor Cox! Can we get an OMG? WE KNOW! We’ll be asking him to weigh in on how habitable some of the planets could be, and sharing some of his favourites from the jam.

Sample scene created by Matt Bergasse

Sample scene created by Matt Bergasse

Sample scene created by Matt Bergasse

We can’t wait to see what you create for this otherworldly coMmunity jam, dreamers!

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