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Have you ever wondered how Media Molecule collaborates with coMmunity members to make incredible things happen in Dreams? Do you like reading words about really cool initiatives? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then allow us to introduce ourselves...

The Mm Outreach Team#

The Mm Outreach Team is focused on supporting our coMmunity members and bringing marvellous content into the Dreamiverse. We work with a range of fantastic partners across games, media, entertainment and music, and we bring our shared creative collaborations to life by matching these partners with stellar dreamers. We call these partnerships “Mm Co-Labs,” because they’re collaborative projects where we push the limits of Dreams to create never-before-seen (or heard!) experiments with our partners.

We do a lot of thinking about the future of Dreams, and what the Dreamiverse will become. This includes building new features for Dreams, collaborating with exciting entertainers and content creators, and working with our wonderful coMmunity members.

Dreams Trailer

We have a bunch of (shhh, secret!) projects in the works that we can’t wait to share with you; watch this space for more updates soon.

But some examples that we can talk about include: - The music video(opens in new tab) we created with coMmunity members(opens in new tab) for Noah Cyrus’ single July. - A Jumanji mini-game played by the cast(opens in new tab). - Our partnership with Oiffy, who are using Dreams to design and build their feature-length painted animated film A Winter’s Journey(opens in new tab).

If you’re a coMmunity-member or an organisation that would like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a shout at

Looking to use Dreams for a business purpose? We are currently accepting applications for projects.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.