This indreams release is about everything social, including new social groups on profile pages and updates to your activity feed.

What's new?#

A sample feed with grouped notifications

A sample feed with grouped notifications

  • Social tabs - Included on both creation and dreamer profile pages. This tab groups together all social activities, like followers, thumbs up and streams.
  • Grouped notifications - Ever wish similar notifications would group together so they don't clog your feed? We've now grouped thumbs up and follows, so you get a collective view of what's happened.
  • Impy Awards - Creation and dreamer thumbnails will tell the world if you have been nominated for, or won, an Impy in the 2nd Annual Impy Awards.

Other improvements#

  • Fixed: Sometimes tooltips near the top of a page would be obscured by the site header.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.