At Media Molecule we believe in making Dreams a fun and safe experience for all of our players around the globe. We (and our amazing moderation team at Sony) uphold PlayStation® CoMmunity Code of Conduct(opens in new tab) for all the content and communication in Dreams and we're constantly impressed by how supportive, kind and helpful our coMmunity continues to be. Dreams is a PEGI-12 and ESRB Teen rated game, so that forms a foundation for what is or isn't permitted in the Dreamiverse. We're committed to improving our tools for moderation as the game develops and we will continue to keep the coMmunity updated as we make progress.

Below, we've outlined the coMmunity guidelines for Dreams and what to do if you need to report another user or a piece of content. We'll also cover copyright and how to ensure your content isn't reported.

We're working on a system for players to be able to identify their content as mature so it is clear to all players what kind of content they may be engaging with. We'll have more information on this down the line.

Content that has been moderated can be edited and republished if brought in-line with the Code of Conduct. If you wish to appeal a moderation decision, please follow our Moderation Appeals process below.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.