Dreams Beta Evaluation

Как бы мы ни хотели сделать бета-версию доступной на всех языках, пока это просто невозможно. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь общаться с другими игроками, но учтите, что все беседы должны проходить на английском языке.

This community update has been a long time coming! Right from the very get go our goal has been that the Dreamiverse be a wonderful and attractive place for all types of creators.

There have been some questions I have been asked that I would like to answer, whilst sneaking in a small announcement:

1. Who owns my original creation in Dreams?

You do! You own the IP for the original creations that you make in Dreams.

2. So I own my creation, what can I do with it?

You can use your original creation for example, in your artwork or music portfolio, in a collage, or a design on your T-shirt – in other words, for your own personal use.

3. How can I use my creation for business purposes?

We've had lots of questions from creators about using Dreams for viable business opportunities off PlayStation such as concept artwork. We welcome and encourage creators to do this, but it's new territory for us. We've been busy behind the scenes mapping out how we can make it easier for creators to do this in the future. We are kicking this off with a beta evaluation, where creators can submit an application to use Dreams for a specific project.

This is open to a limited group of users with the goal of learning how players want to use Dreams off PlayStation and how we may support this. If you're applying, you will need to have a project in mind, a time frame and be willing to provide feedback to Media Molecule along the way (amongst other requirements outlined in the application). Please have a read of the Terms that will apply (see link below). Please check out the Beta Evaluation page and have a read of the Application Criteria, Terms and Process.

This beta evaluation is only available to Dreams Members in good standing. Please make sure you have published creations that can be viewed, or a showreel showing work made in Dreams that can be viewable by Media Molecule.

4. What sort of projects does this apply to?

PLEASE NOTE: This currently does NOT apply to game projects. This beta only applies to content that does not need additional export support from the PlayStation.

We have had interest from concept artists and music video creators wanting to use Dreams as a tool for their work. We are eager to hear how you would like to use Dreams off-platform, so please apply for the beta evaluation if you meet the criteria set out above.

If you have any questions then please send us an email and we will let you know.

I am personally really excited for this to kick off in Dreams, we can see that there are so many amazing opportunities that this allows. Watch this space for further developments within the Dreamiverse!

Siobhan Reddy

Studio Director, Media Molecule


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