Official Creator Guidelines

Megapenguin is now loose in the Dreamiverse for you to use in your own scenes, along with a small collection of essential elements.

We don’t know what will happen to Megapenguin after he leaves our chapter ‘The Penguin At The Gates Of Dawn’, because the rest of the story will be in scenes created by the coMmunity!

We’ll periodically take a look at scenes that you create and build upon the story in the Megapenguin Rehatched dream.

Read on to find out how you can become part of Megapenguin’s adventure and help him find his way home.



Megapenguin Rehatched is a game about, you guessed it, Megapenguin, so naturally your scene should feature Megapenguin! You can redesign the character we provided, modify his behaviours or abilities to suit the challenges in your scene - even relegate him to co-star status if you like. It’s up to you how to use Megapenguin, but please include him in your scenes.


Each coMmunity-created chapter should be a single self-contained scene. But you can make and submit as many as you like!

Doorways and Paths

Your scene needs at least one Exit (Doorway)! You can add a Pebble Portal, designed thematically to instantly transport Megapenguin across the Dreamiverse - or you could end your scene with a unique story hook. Perhaps your scene ends with Megapenguin entering a haunted mansion, or boarding the escape pod of a stricken starship.

You only need to add one exit, but feel free to include up to three exits, so that the player can choose which path to take next. Imagine the exponentially branching maze of possibilities for Megapenguin to explore!

Megapenguin Rehatched is designed to be a linear adventure. This means we don’t intend for the player to be able to backtrack to previous scenes. Feel free to riff on characters or plots, or even recreate previous locations, but the actual path will not connect back recursively on itself. No time loops!

Difficulty and Length

Your scene must be completable and fair - feel free to interpret that however you like. Your playtesters are the Dreams CoMmunity and Team Megapenguin at Mm.

It’s up to you how long your scene is, but we’d recommend that you keep it on the shorter side, so that Megapenguin’s adventure can tick along at a breezy pace and the scenes will flow together nicely. Our three intro scenes (A Flightless Bird, A Flippery Slope and The Penguin At The Gates Of Dawn) are good examples of what the timeframe for a typical Megapenguin scene might be.

Global Variables

Due to a limit of 128 unique global variables per dream, we ask that you add no more than two per scene. If you can avoid using them altogether, please do!

Title Cards and Credits

To make this adventure together, we will need to remix your scene to add it to our dream. So a requirement for all Megapenguin scenes is to display a short Title Card displaying the name of the chapter and the creator(s). It is best to implement this near the start of your scene. Check out the Team Megapenguin intro scenes for examples!

Publishing your scene#

In order for us to add your scene to the Megapenguin Rehatched dream, your scene MUST be published as Remixable. Unfortunately, scenes that are only Playable cannot be added to the dream.

Remember: you can keep Remixable scenes unlisted if you don’t want them to appear in search results.

Submitting your scene#

When you’re happy with your scene(s), you can submit them via the submission tool here.

If you’d like the coMmunity (and us) to check out your scenes before they’re submitted, simply publish it with the tag #Megapenguin to help others find it.

General Tips#

The character of Megapenguin

Megapenguin is one of many Megapenguins. Megapenguin is not very bright, but he makes up for his lack of brains with physical strength and enthusiasm. He is very fond of pebbles.

The Megapenguins migrate across the Dreamiverse, and so they have some understanding of what it is - but, much like our understanding of our own universe, it is limited. Megapenguin is often baffled by what he discovers on his journey through the Dreamiverse.

Megapenguin is largely non-verbal, communicating primarily through squawks and body language. However, it appears that his communications are easily translated by other characters and players.

Megapenguin’s scanner

Megapenguin’s scanner is a handheld device that uses its encyclopaedic knowledge to help Megapenguin make sense of the unfamiliar territories he encounters on his adventure across the Dreamiverse.

The scanner text box, which you can find in our collection of essential elements, is a great place to add gameplay hints, as well as fun world-building details. The scanner’s AI is quite dry in its tone - opening up lots of opportunities to subtly roast Megapenguin.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.