Deleting a Whole Creation

If you’re hitting a storage or creation limit, you might want to consider deleting a whole creation. It also helps you manage your content to get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore.

What is a Whole Creation?#

What we mean when we say “a whole creation” is all of the online (PRIVATE, PUBLIC, PLAYABLE) and LOCAL versions, including any Quick Saves.

This page will cover:

The process for deleting a whole creation is the same, regardless of the creation type (Element, Scene, Dream, Collection).

The consequences of deletion vary according to who owns the creation and what type of creation it is. Read more about the consequences of deletion here.


Only the owner of a creation can delete the whole creation. Collaborators may still have LOCAL versions on their console they’ll need to delete. See here for consequences of deletion from a collaborator’s perspective.


Deleting content is permanent and has consequences for you, your collaborators and anyone using or referencing your deleted content.

STEP-BY-STEP: Deleting a Whole Creation#

1 - Go to your creation’s cover page (accessible via DreamShaping/My Creations).

Cover page delete button.

Cover page delete button.

2 - On the cover page hit the button.

3 - If you’re asked to delete LOCAL related creations that haven’t been saved online yet see below.

4 - Hit the YES button to confirm you want to delete the creation.

5 - The whole creation has now been deleted.


  • Deleting because you’ve hit a storage limit? How about deleting photos first? It’s less destructive!
  • Deleting because you’ve hit a creation limit? Try combining elements into a single element and deleting the originals to make space that way. More on that here.
  • Deleting something you’re collaborating on? You might restrict your collaborators’ usage of it in future, so consider letting them know first!

When deleting creations you’ll sometimes be asked to delete related LOCAL creations. A related creation is a LOCAL creation that has some kind of relationship with the creation that you’re trying to delete (or save online). Perhaps it’s a remix, or a stamp. For reasons of confirming your permissions to use related creations, and for maintaining genealogy, you’ll be asked to delete them. Please see Understanding Related Creations & Versions for more on related creations.

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