v1.01 “Border Leicester“

Release date:

Formidably armed with dual-bladed bug swatters (otherwise known as our crack team of developers), we've been squashing bugs across all areas of the game. A multitude of fixes and under-the-hood optimisations have been made, many in response to the feedback we received during the Dreams Creator Beta. We've also a ton of improvements and new content to be enjoyed.

Note: Some bug fixes may have caused backwards compatibility issues for levels made during the Beta. If your Beta level is no longer working as expected please check the Dreams Feedback Forums(opens in new tab) for help and advice for how to resolve it.

What's new?#

  • Autosurf
    • If you could surf as majestically as a dolphin through the waves of Californian beaches, you would, wouldn't you? Well, you're not a dolphin. But you are just as majestic: As a fearless explorer discovering the creative imaginations of our wonderful Dreamers. The new Autosurf feature will take you on a journey through the minds of those wonderful Dreamers, surfing from one randomly selected creation to another, in the depths of the Dreamiverse. Try it!

Other improvements#

  • New: Final version art and voiceover added to the introduction flow.
  • New: Final version Dream Queen art and voiceover added throughout the game.
  • New: Mm Templates have been added for First Person Shooter and Controllable Rolling Object games.
  • New: Character Creation tutorials added.
  • New: Dreams Masterclasses added.
  • New: Motion Controllers Sculpt tutorial added.
  • New: Final voiceover added to all tutorials.
  • Improved: Mm collections reorganised to make finding assets easier in the Dreamiverse.
  • Improved: Improvements have been made to Search and Filtering functionality available when exploring the Dreamiverse.
  • Improved: Tutorial Player now includes a button to skip forward 10 seconds.
  • Improved: Start Dreaming 1 to 4 are now packaged in the build so players should not experience any playback issues with these tutorials, regardless of internet connection.
  • Improved: Tutorial videos have been optimised to run better at lower connection speeds.

Other improvements to Create#

  • Improved: There have been multiple bug fixes made across all create modes.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.