Create Mode TLC Part #5 - Dreams 2.52

Somehow, dreamers, it’s already December. We thought we’d see 2022 out in style with one more update for Dreams - TLC #5! With audio metering and spectrograms, a new Neatness property for sculptures, and… well, read on to find out!

As always, please do let us know of any issues you encounter when playing and creating in Dreams on our forums(opens in new tab)! You can also leave us suggestions for future Create TLC updates.

Important Note!

You’ll need to download this new update in order to reconnect to the Dreams servers! If you have issues with downloading the update, or reconnecting after the download is complete, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

What's New?

  • Audio: Metering & Spectrograms
    • Audio channel gadgets now display live audio spectra in their EQ tweaks to help with more detailed EQ sculpting.
    • Audio channel gadgets and the master mixer now have a dedicated Spectral Analyser and Audio Level meter to help with mixing and level control.
    • The Spectral Analyser and Audio Level meter have live signal outputs, so you can drive logic from the audio playing through them! The Spectral Bands output gives you an 8 band signal - you could create a live EQ display, drive abstract music visualisations responding to bass/mids/treble, perhaps even create reactive gameplay. The Audio Level output could be used to make your own limiter, duck sounds, make something happen when the volume gets really loud...who knows?! We’re sure you’ll think of loads of stuff!

A video showcasing metering and spectrograms in Dreams.

  • Sculptures: Neatness
    • A new visual tweak to control the flecks of a sculpture, making them more aligned to a grid, all tidy-like. Great for a tiled surface look! You’ll find it on sculpture tweak menus and as a tool in Style Mode.

A video showcasing the new neatness tweak for sculptures.

  • Text: Font Size, Colour and Transparency Markup
    • New functionality for text gadgets (Text Displayer, Dialogue Displayer, Subtitle Displayer), allowing you to change the size, colour and alpha value of specific parts of the text, using predefined tags, HTML colour tags, and hex codes. To find out how this works, read the supporting document we’ve released just for you.

A video showcasing the new font markup options.

  • Show/Hide Filters: Separate "Electronics" and "Lights and Cameras"
    • Previously these two filters were tied together. Now you can filter them independently!

A video showcasing the separate Electronics and Lights & Cameras filters.

  • Audio: Select Which Controller Plays Sounds
    • Select Controller under Pan Style, and you’ll be presented with buttons to pick which controller speaker audio is played through!

A video showcasing the option to choose a controller to play audio through.

  • Logic: Pi on Calculator
    • You’ll now find the Pi constant on the Calculator, so that you can easily convert between degrees and radians, or any other stuff you might need the value of Pi for!
An image showcasing the new Pi constant on the Calculator.

An image showcasing the new Pi constant on the Calculator.

  • Text Gadgets: Optimised Rendering
    • We’ve optimised the rendering of text gadgets in order to improve framerate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several incorrect feedback prompts which showed when performing an undo or redo for certain actions.
  • Reduced default sticker depth for Text Displayers, as reduced depth can lead to slight increases in performance.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when performing an undo operation after recording an edit to a puppet's hips.
  • Fixed an issue where stickers would have flickering artefacts on their borders in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where painterly sticker backgrounds could have visual glitches when viewed from certain angles.
  • Fixed a bug where setting imp reach with the motion controllers would sometimes set the reach based on an object that was hidden due to being out of scope.
  • Fixed an issue where the wireframe box shown for stickers could become overly bright when significantly increasing the sticker depth.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to delete a large element that didn't fit into the undo buffer.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for EQ bands would not display in certain situations.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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