Grrr… A Thermonstrous Update - Dreams v2.42

Our latest update to Dreams introduces a host of new sound effects, previously used to bring the monsters you encounter in Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale to life! We’ve also added a new Audio Analyser and improved the audio thermometer!

What was that noise? Was it a Rock Golem tripping over a stump? Perhaps a bat swooping in to nab Scoria’s dinner? It very well could’ve been after this update! We’ve released a whole collection PACKED with monster vocal effects for you lovely folks to use in your creations! If they sound familiar that’s because they came from Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, but now they’re yours, all yours, to do with as you please! You’ll find these scary sounds and monstrous moans in Sound Mode by heading to Mm Sound Effects, then Characters and finally, Monster Voices!

Elsewhere, we’ve spent a bit of time working on some funky new audio management features, to help you get a better understanding of what’s going on and what to do about it when it comes to your audio thermometer.

An image showing the new Monster Voices sound effects collection.

An image showing the new Monster Voices sound effects collection.

What’s New?

Monster Voices Sound Effects collection

  • We’re giving you a collection of 55 sound effects (Yep! That many!) for you creator types to use in your own creations! A literal menagerie of monster vocalisations, they’re perfect for all manner of creatures, critters, fiends and demons. For more on these savage sounds, head to our dedicated page.
  • To use them, head into Sound Mode and Search Sound Effects/Mm Sound Effects/Characters/Monster Voices.

Audio Analysis

  • Head into Test Mode and you’ll find that Analysis has become a menu! Under there, you’ll find your old friend Analyse Game… and the all-new Analyse Audio!
  • Hit Analyse Audio and you’ll find yourself playing in Analysis Mode, this time analysing the cost and resource usage in a creation in terms of audio. You’ll see information on overall Audio Cost, Sound Instances and Voices.
  • Just like Analyse Game, data is collected over play time. Once you exit to Analysis Overview you can view this as a timeline to figure out where in your creation the most audio resources are being used. Oh! And in the Overview you can switch between Game and Audio!
  • For more information on this new analysis mode, here’s a dedicated tech page, including a helpful video, with the need-to-know!

Audio Thermometer Improvements

  • A new thermometer in Sound Mode for measuring Sound Readiness, with the ability to select and locate individual sounds that are causing problems.
  • Sound Readiness is the method by which sounds are ready to play in Dreams when they’re supposed to be.
  • The Sound Readiness thermo will give warnings when the Sound Readiness limit is hit, as well as a list of up to 20 of the most expensive sounds in terms of this budget, and a per-channel breakdown. You can even click on sounds to locate them in the scene!
  • A video guide on these improvements is coming soon!
An image of the new Audio Analysis mode.

An image of the new Audio Analysis mode.

New Boot Image - Our latest boot image has been brought to life by Sinéad Oram, one of our artists here at Media Molecule! Over the next few months, you'll see a range of new and beautiful boot screens from different members of the team. These aren't related to any current work going on at Mm, rather just a way for our team to have their work seen in front of you lovely folk in the Dreams Community!

A screenshot of our wonderful new boot screen. Doesn't it look glorious?

A screenshot of our wonderful new boot screen. Doesn't it look glorious?

Important Note:

  • You’ll need to download this new update in order to reconnect to the Dreams servers! If you have issues with downloading the update, or reconnecting after the download is complete, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.