All Hallows’ Dreams Is Back To Haunt 2021!

What’s that bone-rattling sound? Why, it must be the ghouls and ghosts of All Hallows’ Dreams rising up once more from beneath the earth, ready for another party!

Yes, our in-game Hallowe’en event returns for 2021 - and once again, we’re inviting you to collaborate with us at Media Molecule to make this spooky season a fright to remember.

The logo for All Hallows’ Dreams.

The logo for All Hallows’ Dreams.

There are more ways than ever to be part of the fun this year. Beginner creators can carve their own jack-o’-lantern for our pumpkin patch, or design a creepy scarecrow to stand in the wheat field. Seasoned dreamers, however, may want to try their hand at building part of this year’s main event: a terrifying ghost train ride! We’ll be including all of your spine-chilling creations in our All Hallows’ Dreams playable hub for everyone to... enjoy. evil laugh

A screenshot of a customised pumpkin, made with the All Hallows’ Dreams 2021 pumpkin template.

A screenshot of a customised pumpkin, made with the All Hallows’ Dreams 2021 pumpkin template.

Our official pumpkin, scarecrow and ghost train templates are available in-game right now - you’ll find them at the top of DreamShaping. Here are the links in case you’d like to add them to your Play Later queue!

Play Later

(Requires that you own Dreams)

We’ve also put together some handy guidelines for creators in our shiny new All Hallows’ Dreams hub on, so head there before you get started to make sure whatever you dream up meets the requirements to be included. Please submit your creations with an link via our Challenges page by 12AM BST (midnight - spooky!) on Monday 20th September.

We’ve got all sorts of new tricks and treats planned for All Hallows’ Dreams this year, so keep an eye on the blog and our social media channels as we get closer to Hallowe’en and share even more details with you all...

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