Dreams Together

We know everything is far from normal right now and we hope you're all staying as safe as you possibly can.

We feel incredibly lucky to have an amazing coMmunity across the world, who are finding ways to connect, entertain and inspire, despite the circumstances. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out, support and connect to others in the coMmunity and, as we'll get to below, organise ways to virtually connect people in this time of social distancing. Everything we're adding to this blog has been organised by coMmunity members, so if you're looking for ways to connect with other dreamers, please use this as a resource for the happenings we're aware of! If we've missed anything, feel free to reach out on Twitter and let us know. You can also search the #DreamsTogether(opens in new tab) hashtag, created by EnochRootDreams(opens in new tab), on Twitter for other dreamers participating in these events.

Here's several ways our CoMmunity are looking to #DreamsTogether(opens in new tab).

DreamMay 2020#

Let’s get creative! LadyLexUK invites the coMmunity to participate in DreamMay, an exciting creation exercise which challenges creators to make things daily throughout the month of May. For more information, go ahead and follow @LadyLexUK(opens in new tab) on Twitter!

DreamsTogether Art Challenge

Dreamers EnochRoot, oooDORIENooo and Phreaky have a great take on the classic Exquisite Corpse game! Their #DreamsTogether(opens in new tab) project is all about creating a work of art with 3 Dreamers contributing to the outcome.

You can get involved by remixing the DreamsTogetherPicture creation in Dreams now, and make sure to share your finished work on Twitter with the hashtag #DreamsTogether(opens in new tab)!

LadyLexUK's Song Contest#

Eurovision may have been canceled...but LadyLex is filling the gap in 2020 with her very own Dreams song contest inspired by Eurovision! Dreamers are able to choose the country they'll represent, with spaces filling up fast! We can't wait to see the results.

You can learn more about the contest on LadyLex's website(opens in new tab), or sign up for participation by reaching out on Twitter(opens in new tab)!

DreamsHaveMeanings Weekly Jams#

The lovely DreamsHaveMeanings team host weekly creation jams, as well as 30 minute creation challenges that anyone can get involved in! Past jams have included themes such as the Galaxy's Worst Theme Park, Ghost in a Haunted House, and a personal favourite of ours, Old People Partying.

You can get involved by keeping up to date with DHM on Twitter(opens in new tab) and tuning in to their regular YouTube streams(opens in new tab). The 30 minute creation and weekly challenges kick off Sundays at 9 PM GMT/BST.

DirtyHarold's Dirty Dreams#

The Dirty Dreams podcast is a true collaborative effort! Hosted by Ben Presland (aka DirtyHarolds), the regular podcast features plenty of well-known Dreamers, and can be found on different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and even in-game in Dreams! We're big fans of his call-in podcast with MrCaseyJones.

The Dirty Dreams podcast is always looking for guests for each episode, so if you feel like getting involved, drop DirtyHarolds(opens in new tab) a message on Twitter, where you can also keep up to date on the latest episodes!

Multi Moo's Behind the Dreams#

As well as working on a LIVE ACTION Dreams project, titled 'Into the Dreamiverse' the wonderful MultiMoo runs a series called Behind the Dreams, where they sit and chat to Dreams creators about their time with Dreams and gives us the chance to get to know the creators!

You can keep up to date with Behind the Dreams on MultiMoo's YouTube channel(opens in new tab), and get in touch with them on Twitter(opens in new tab)!

Our CoMmunity #DreamWalk#

Inspired by one of our recent streams, we've asked the Dreams coMmunity to join us on a Dreamiverse hike, by piecing together our own trail! We kicked things off with our first steps, and are asking you to add to the walk with your own version!

You can either remix ours, or create your own from scratch! To keep it consistent, we'd recommend making sure your walk is:

  • In a first person perspective.
  • Non-player controlled. Have a camera journeying through your scene, rather than a player controlled character.
  • Contain an exit door, so we can link these walks together.
  • Be remixable! This way, we'll be able to collect these all together in one Dream.

If you create a walk, tag it with #DreamWalk(opens in new tab) so we can all find it in the Dreamiverse!

Past Projects#

As #DreamsTogether(opens in new tab) projects come and go, we'll move them from up top to down here, so that you can check out the results in Dreams!

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.