Hi all – Media Molecule here! Today we’re giving the wonderful people at Autistica the floor, with a guest blog all about our partnership on an exciting new charity initiative… #AutisticaPlayJam! Over to you, Autistica!

World Autism Awareness Month 2021

World Autism Awareness Month 2021

From March 30th, in partnership with Autistica, Media Molecule will be hosting a special CoMmunity Jam, in which people around the world can participate by creating amazing things in Dreams - from games and experiences to music and art. Throughout the month of April, you can take part by making anything you can imagine in Dreams that raises awareness around autism, and why autism research is so vitally important, in support of World Autism Awareness Month (WAAM). Alongside the jam, Media Molecule are also running a fundraiser to support the life-changing research we do!

The past year has been an uncertain and worrying time for many of us, but autistic people have been particularly hard-hit. Before the pandemic, over half of all autistic adults* had reported feelings of anxiety - for many, this has only worsened, especially given many have lost their support networks during the last year. That's why we are focusing on anxiety this World Autism Awareness Month. We have released an explainer video about autism and anxiety(opens in new tab) and a hub of anxiety-related information(opens in new tab) on our website.

We are excited to see what you create to support World Autism Awareness Month on the theme of...

#AutisticaPlayJam Theme: Anxiety Breakthroughs!

More than half of all autistic people have had anxiety, and it stops thousands from living and enjoying life. Create something that tells a story of anxiety and/or autism, or create something that could help reduce or manage anxiety.

Thinking of participating, but want more information? Here is a useful resource to help you make whatever you choose to create in Dreams as inclusive as possible for autistic people: Download resource doc(opens in new tab)

A noisy office environment causing a person anxiety

A noisy office environment causing a person anxiety

You might want to use our anxiety animation for inspiration. It explores the reasons autistic people might be likely to experience anxiety - including sensory differences. The sensory aspects of an office can be difficult for many people.

Support anxiety breakthroughs! Donate to our fundraiser!#

You can donate and fundraise throughout the month of April in support of our charity CoMmunity Jam for Autistica! The money we raise can support more research into anxiety and autism. This research will help to develop the breakthroughs that autistic people need to live a happy life.

This is why our WAAM partnership with Media Molecule is so crucial, helping to support one of the most marginalised groups in society - all through your amazing creations in Dreams, and our accompanying fundraiser!

FUNDRAISE PAGE(opens in new tab)

Need support or information? Contact Jake, Autistica Games Partnerships Manager at jake.mackey@autistica.org.uk

Want to shout about this on socials to get more people involved? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AutisticaPlayJam and #WAAM, and tag @mediamolecule and @Autistica in your posts.

Six individuals experiencing and expressing anxiety differently

Six individuals experiencing and expressing anxiety differently

Anxiety affects autistic people in different ways. Your fundraising can enable breakthroughs to help every autistic person.

Charity CoMmunity Jam timeline:#

  • On March 30th 2021, we will launch our charity CoMmunity Jam on a Media Molecule livestream. Our guest Jake Mackey, Games Partnerships Manager at Autistica, will tell us more about WAAM and how the Dreams coMmunity can make a difference for Autistica.
  • You will have until April 22nd 2021 to create your games, art, music – anything you choose to make! – in Dreams to support raising awareness for World Autism Awareness Month. Don’t forget to submit using the hashtag #AutisticaPlayJam.
  • On April 29th 2021, we will be back on stream with Jake Mackey from Autistica to celebrate the month and the impact we have achieved together! We will also showcase a shortlist of #AutisticaPlayJam creations as chosen by Autistica, and the entries which will be highlighted as Media Molecule’s Charity CoMmunity Jam finalists for April!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create - and to supporting a great cause together, through the power of Dreams!

*Lever AG, Geurts HM. Psychiatric Co-occurring Symptoms and Disorders in Young, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Autism Dev Disord. 2016

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