v1.07 “Red“

Release date:

Where's the sheep name? We hear you cry! Perhaps you missed the sheep reference altogether and were left confused as to why our updates were even named after sheep. Perhaps you were too busy counting and you fell asleep and entered your own land of beautiful dreams. Well, despite the fact that we never reached the frankly brilliantly named Manx Loaghtan, count no more because sheep names are so passé. It was all getting a bit confusing at our end, so we've bid farewell to the sheep names. Colours are in! This update marks the start of a new journey of colourfully named updates for Dreams. So on that note, here's our Red update, in which we've been improving the categorisation of dreams, helping discoverability. We now make sure you set categories for our creations when releasing them, to help other dreamers find your wonderful work. We've also greatly improved the logic behind the Similar Creations search, amongst other tweaks and twiddles.


  • New: We've added a step to make sure you set a category for a Dream before releasing it.
  • New: The number of players currently playing a dream is now displayed alongside its other information.
  • Updated: It's now easier to access social features and get back to the Main Menu quickly from the Options Menu.
  • Updated: You can now change the category of a creation after you've saved it.
  • Updated: We have tweaked some of the existing category names for Dreams and Scenes.
  • Updated: Mm Picks sub-collections now appear in their associated categories.
  • Updated: Similar Creations will now return results that are more relevant to the creation you are currently viewing.
  • Updated: When searching for something to stamp in Edit Mode, you will get more relevant suggestions based on what you last stamped.
  • Fixed: Various minor fixes under the hood.

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