Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale Improvements - Dreams v2.47

Howdy! When we released Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale back in November 2021, we were so happy with your feedback, and to see how much everyone enjoyed taking Scoria and Gabbro on their adventure! Now, as we welcome more and more people to Dreams who will want to try their hand at the Here for Glory setting, we’ve spent some time implementing some quality of life improvements to the game. Once you’ve downloaded this update, jump back in and take a look! We think you’ll like ‘em.

If your reaction to all this is "What the heck is Ancient Dangers when it's at home?", head to our dedicated Mm Originals page for all things ancient and dangerous.

Important Note#

We are aware of a bug introduced in this update affecting text gadgets within creations which are set to In Scene. The bug causes text to display incorrectly when the camera moves behind the text gadget's position. If you notice an issue with text gadgets in your creations, we recommend you do not attempt to fix these. We will be addressing this bug in our early July update, ensuring that the bug does not affect booths on display at DreamsCom '22.

Please do let us know of any issues you encounter when playing and creating in Dreams on our forums(opens in new tab).

Ancient Dangers Updates#

  • Here for Glory difficulty setting no longer has a three-life limit. We also removed the now-superfluous Game Over screen.
  • Added a Continue option in the menu, allowing players to pick up where they left off.
  • The game will now detect whether the player has already completed the training for either setting, and will not force them to redo it.
  • Introduced a more prominent Skip Cutscene option, requiring a 1 second button hold to do so.
  • If a player skips the opening market cutscene, they’ll be taken straight to the training level.
  • Removed the pop-up prompt that asked players to restart depending on their difficulty setting.
  • Added all the names of our QA team to the credits.
  • Added a counter in the main menu that displays the number of chests and Fallen Hero Notes that have been collected, as well as listing them per chapter. Individual chapter times are also now displayed once the game has been completed in Here for Glory.
An image of the updated main menu, featuring the Continue button and counters for discovered chests and Fallen Hero Notes.

An image of the updated main menu, featuring the Continue button and counters for discovered chests and Fallen Hero Notes.

New Boot Image#

As we mentioned a couple of months ago, each update to Dreams will bring with it a brand new boot image - something lovely to look at each time you start the game. This month’s image comes from our artist Dan Goddard!

New Boot Image from our artist Dan Goddard.

New Boot Image from our artist Dan Goddard.

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