Dreams v2.48 - Who Do We Appreciate? Create TLC #3!

Oh, July. Look at you, bringing us the summer sun (or winter sun, if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere). Our Molecules are breaking out the sunglasses and getting ready to bask, but first we just HAVE to tell you about the latest Dreams update - 2.48! We’re bringing you a handful of Create TLC changes with this ’un. As we move forward, TLC releases may not reach the packed heights of Create TLC #2, but we will be bringing you them a lot more regularly.

Please do let us know of any issues you encounter when playing and creating in Dreams on our forums(opens in new tab)! You can also leave us suggestions for future Create TLC updates.

What’s New?

  • Invisible Connections Filter: Adds a new Show/Hide filter which allows you to see the invisible wires and connections used by Animations, Variables, Scores and Wireless Transmitters/Receivers. Fantastically useful for tracking down animated objects and understanding how your gameplay thermometer is being used.

A video of the new Show/Hide filter for invisible wires and connections.

  • Enable/Disable Menu Music: Adds a toggle in My Preferences which allows you to turn the Dreamiverse menu music on or off.
An image of the new menu music toggle in My Preferences.

An image of the new menu music toggle in My Preferences.

  • Value Slider Decimal Places: Adds a tweak to the Value Slider which lets you define how many decimal places it uses.

A video of the new tweak to the Value Slider.

Other Improvements

  • Added some smoothing to the Comb tool when using the wireless controller.
  • Improved the readability for potential Live Clones, replacing the solid colour with a pulse effect.
  • Removed the limit for the Number Displayer when connected to a Date/Time fat wire, so that it no longer cuts off at 9,999,999 seconds/2777.7 hours. You can now also plug Date/Time wires directly into the Number Displayer and have it accurately output the total time since epoch 0, instead of having to divide by 1000 first.

Bug Fixes

  • Text Displayers were displaying incorrectly when the camera moved behind the gadget's position.
  • Animating a sculpture with the Action Recorder and then re-recording it caused a crash for a small number of players.
  • On a large sculpture converted to a painting, switching off Luma Noise would have no effect.
  • An object was not highlighted correctly when using Live Clone.
  • When using Live Clone, using the Clone tool would affect other sculpts visually.
  • Turning off a Microchip would misleadingly appear to cause a decrease in gameplay thermo.
  • The value of a Timeline’s Playhead Position tweak would display incorrectly.
  • Using Save As A New Creation on an element produced using Bake Emitted would result in an empty scene.
  • Merging two complex paintings would result in a painting which breached the paintings limit, resulting in a partially invisible painting.
  • The Vector Cross Product Normalised tweak icon did not display the correct order of operations.
  • Inconsistent results when using the Volume Brush to apply Coat or Style effects to sculptures which had been converted to paintings.
  • The output of the Sun Position tweak was incorrect. The vector should now be normalised at all times.

Important Note!

You’ll need to download this new update in order to reconnect to the Dreams servers! If you have issues with downloading the update, or reconnecting after the download is complete, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.