Dreams Server Migration - Dreams v2.57

Today’s a big day for the Dreamiverse, as we migrate all of it - Megapenguin-style - to our gleaming new server. Our Molecules have been very hard at work on this update, which is vital to ensure the security and stability of Dreams, as well as the millions of amazing creations floating around in it.

The update is now live in-game. Thank you for your patience while we carried over all the relevant bits and bytes! Below, you’ll find a (pretty chunky) overview of the changes this update has introduced to the game and your Dreamiverse experience. We’ve also put together some detailed Release & Manage documentation, containing step-by-step guides, things to watch out for, solutions and more, to help you understand deletion, managing photos, storage limits and all that jazz.

As always, we’ll be on-hand to answer follow-up questions on our social media channels and the official Dreams forums(opens in new tab).

Important Note!

You’ll need to download this new update in order to reconnect to Dreams servers. If you have any issues with downloading the update, reconnecting to the Dreamiverse after the download if complete, or encounter any other issues as a result of the update, please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

What’s New?


  • We’ve introduced online storage limits, which include:
    • 5GB limits of storage, shared across all online data.
    • 256 online creations.
    • 256 online photos.
    • 512 online versions per creation.
  • We’ve added Limits Info pages, where you can view your online and offline storage limits and usage.

Please Note: Your existing creations will not count towards these limits!

For more help and guidance on storage limits, read our new Understanding Limits guide.

A video showcasing the new Limits Info pages.

Deletion & Archiving

  • To help manage your content you’ll now be able to delete creations rather than archive them.

  • Added a button to allow you to delete creations from their cover pages.
  • Tweaked the Local Deletion screen to improve its clarity, and added text to clarify the number of local and online versions of each creation.
  • Introduced new iconography to convey when versions are PRIVATE or deleted.
  • Removed the ability to archive creations. Creations archived prior to the server migration will be unarchived and available in My Creations, where you can choose to delete them.
  • Added the ability to filter for unarchived content in My Creations.

For more help, guidance and step-by-step guides, read our detailed guides on deletion in our Release & Manage documentation.

  • An image of the new deletion screen.

    An image of the new deletion screen.

  • An image of the new deletion screen.

    An image of the new deletion screen.

  • An image of the new deletion screen.

    An image of the new deletion screen.

Releasing Content

  • Updated and simplified the release flow, making it easier for you to publish your creations:
    • Improved clarity and reduced steps required to save creations online.
    • You can now release creations that contain PRIVATE versions (for which you have the relevant permissions) as PUBLIC.
    • More details regarding reasons a version cannot be released online.
  • Tweaked Update Mode for situations in which creations or versions are PRIVATE or deleted. For help and guidance on using Update Mode, read our new Using Update Mode guide.
  • Updated Genealogy to always hide deleted, PRIVATE and Unlisted creations. Authors of deleted creations will still show up in the credits.
  • Updated DreamSurfing and DreamShaping to always hide Unlisted / PRIVATE creations.
  • Thumbnails for deleted and PRIVATE creations stamped into collections will only be shown for authors or collaborators of the collections.

For more help, guidance and step-by-step guides on saving and releasing, PRIVATE creations/versions, permissions and blocked releases, read our new guides in our Release & Manage documentation.

A video showcasing the new release flow when publishing creations.

Versions & Release

  • Replaced the Publish button on creation cover pages with a page that leads to the Versions & Release page, where versions can be released.
  • On the Versions & Release pages:
    • Added labels for Lead Versions (i.e. most recently saved PLAYABLE or PUBLIC version) and Latest Versions (i.e. most recently saved online version).
    • Added tabs that allow you to filter for LOCAL or ONLINE versions.

For guidance on many aspects of versions, read our new Related Creations & Versions, Public Release, Private Contents?, and Collaborations & Blocked Release guides.

An example image of the updated creation cover page, featuring the new “Versions” and “Delete” buttons.

An example image of the updated creation cover page, featuring the new “Versions” and “Delete” buttons.


  • A maximum of 15 photos can now be captured before they need to be saved (local limits allowing).
  • Photos can only be saved exclusively online (listed or unlisted) or locally. You must select where you want to save photos as part of the flow.
  • Saving photos online now deletes the local copy.
  • By default, only one photo is now automatically selected upon entry to the Review Photos screen.
  • Removed the ability to manage photos via creation pages.
  • Removed filters in Photo Management.
  • Removed filters in Select Photos for Cover Customisation.

For more help and guidance on Photo Mode, read our new Managing and Deleting Your Photos guide.

A video showcasing how to capture and save photos with the newly tweaked Photo Mode.

Help & How To

  • An image of the updated Help & How To page.

    An image of the updated Help & How To page.

  • An image of the updated Help & How To page.

    An image of the updated Help & How To page.

Dreamiverse UI

  • Tweaked the appearance of various UI elements to improve their consistency and readability.

Activity & Mentions

  • Removed the Activity section on creations and dreamer profiles.
  • Removed the ability to link to creations by their ID in titles and descriptions. Existing links have been replaced with the name of the creation at the time of the Server Migration.
  • @mention names no longer update if the mentioned dreamer changes their PSN online ID.
  • Dreamers won't receive a notification when they are @mentioned in creation titles or version notes.


  • Limited number of collaboration invitations that can be sent in a single batch to 10 invites.
  • Updated the warning shown when a collaborator is editing an opened creation:
    • Dreamer PSN online IDs are no longer displayed in the message.
    • The new system will display if a collaborator is in the creation and has entered Edit Mode at least once without leaving, rather than exclusively when they are in Edit Mode.
    • The new server may take several minutes to track and update when the collaborator leaves the creation.
  • Removed the warning that was shown when collaborators saved new versions of an open creation.

Comments & Reviews

  • Tweaked the comments and reviews pages to split comments across multiple pages, rather than an endless list.
  • Removed the thumbs-up icon displayed on reviews whose authors have thumbed-up the creation.
  • Updated notifications to link to individual comments rather than the page upon which the comment resides.
An example image of the comments page.

An example image of the comments page.

Search & Play Later

  • Updated the following filters within creation searches:
    • Played has been replaced with Played Recently, which will only search amongst the 256 most-recently played creations.
    • Not Played has been replaced with Not Played Recently, which will only exclude the 256 most-recently played creations.
    • Followed has been replaced with Followed Recently, which will only search amongst the 256 most-recently followed creations.
    • Updated Since Last Played has been removed.
  • Removed search buttons from all rows in DreamSurfing and DreamShaping except My Creations, Collaborations and Dreams Workshop/Tutorials.
  • Removed filters from the Following, Followers and Friends tabs when searching for a dreamer.
  • Removed the Creations and Home buttons when searching for a dreamer.
  • Removed search filters from Genealogy.
  • Updated the Play Later queue to now retain creations in the queue after they have been played.

Imp Quests, Trophies & Persona

  • Removed the Start Decorating Imp Quest.
  • Removed the Judges Panel and You’re a Contender Imp Quests for dreamers that have not completed them prior to the Server Migration.
    • Judges Panel will be considered to be completed if you submitted a vote in at least one coMmunity jam prior to Server Migration.
  • Updated the following PSN Trophies and Imp Quests:
    • Creative Thinker - Welcome Home Theme has been replaced with Creative Thinker - 2D Platformer, which requires you to complete the 2D Platformer: Play & Edit template.
    • Creative Thinker - Ancient Temple Theme has been replaced with Creative Thinker - Mini-Golf, which requires you to complete the Mini-Golf: Play & Edit template.
    • You’ll still be able to edit creations associated with the Welcome Home and Ancient Temple Creative Imp Quests, but the in-game tutorial will no longer happen.
    • Come Aboard! now requires you to enter DreamShaping after completing the Camera Quests.
    • Just Dropping in must now be completed via the relevant Imp Quest page, rather than via the Dream Queen’s profile.
    • Home Visit! now requires you to visit another player’s profile (rather than visit their homespace).
    • The Pop All The Bubbles! description no longer references prizes.
  • Updated Persona’s Global Average to use historic activity (rather than the latest activity on the Dreamiverse).
  • Removed the text that communicates the percentage of dreamers that have completed quests.

If you have already earned PSN Trophies related to the above, this will not impact you, including if you have already earned Dreams’ PSN Platinum Trophy. If you have PSN Trophies in progress in relation to the above, you will lose any progress in respect of that PSN Trophy and will need to complete the new requirements.

Audio Importer

  • Temporarily disabled the audio importer.
    • As previously outlined, we expect to be restoring the audio importer before October 2023.
    • When restored, you will no longer need to be online for microphone recordings.
  • Removed daily upload limits.


  • Prize Bubbles have now been removed.
    • Prize Bubbles can no longer be stamped from the Create menu in DreamShaping.
    • The Prize Bubble tweak menu no longer allows a creation to be selected.
    • Existing Prize Bubbles in creations no longer contain or award prizes. Instead they will display as empty bubbles. The remaining outputs of Prize Bubbles stamped in existing creations should still behave as expected.
  • Imp Quests that previously awarded prizes now award +100 XP/Persona Points.
  • All Mm Prizes, for example, those awarded through Prize Bubbles in Arts Dream or through completing Imp Quests, are now unlocked for everyone.
  • Added a message to the Scoring, Timers and Prize Bubbles tutorial, to communicate that Prize Bubbles are no longer supported.


  • Replaced the Everyone scoreboards with a Top 100 scoreboard.
  • Removed Friends scoreboards.
  • Removed the feature that allows scoreboards to be assigned to specific scenes within dreams.
An example image of the “Top 100” scoreboard.

An example image of the “Top 100” scoreboard.

CoMmunity Jams

  • Removed the CoMmunity Jams feature and updated the CoMmunity Jam button on the main menu to now lead to the Halls of Fame.

Highlights, Message of the Day & Notifications

  • Disabled the Highlights button for offline dreamers and accounts with restricted user generated content.
  • Removed the Message of the Day feature. To keep updated on the latest Dreams news in-game, please visit the Highlights page.
  • Removed Filtered View on Notifications.


  • Removed the button to publish homespaces.
  • Removed buttons that allow dreamers to visit other dreamers’ homespaces.
  • Removed onboarding quests shown to dreamers in the homespace.
  • Removed the Prizes tab and Search from Homespaces stamp page.

Blocking & Reporting

  • Removed number of blocked players from SOCIAL tab in My Preferences.
  • Removed filters from Blocked Players screen.
  • Removed the ability to directly report tags. If you need to report a creation’s tag, please continue to use the regular report button positioned at the top right corner of creation cover pages.


  • Removed VR Experience Level on thumbnails viewed within dreams, collections and highlights.
  • Updated VR Experience Level labels to show you your own rated value (rather than aggregated level), if you have set one.
  • Tweaked the way that VR Experience Level is aggregated for creations.
  • Set all pre-VR tutorials to Non-VR.

Indreams.me Integration

  • Removed the option to ‘View on indreams.me’.
  • Removed the Play Now, Send to Imp and keyboard entry live tools.
  • The Tools option in the header user account menu has been removed.

Twitch Integration

  • Removed Twitch integration (Twitch Buddy).
  • Removed the Streamed By row on the Social sections of creations.


Deprecated Dreams Trial:

  • If you have the Trial version of Dreams installed, the game will boot into a screen that advises you the trial is no longer available.
  • If you’d like to continue exploring the Dreamiverse, you will need to upgrade to the full version of Dreams on the PlayStation Store(opens in new tab).

Live Tiles

  • Deprecated support for Live Tiles on the PlayStation System Software on PlayStation 4.

Boot Screen

  • A new Dreams update isn’t complete without a splendid new boot screen! This new art comes from Matt Bergasse, featuring a wild flock of cones migrating in the Dreamiverse.
The latest boot screen image by Matt Bergasse. It features several orange cones migrating through a forest landscape.

The latest boot screen image by Matt Bergasse. It features several orange cones migrating through a forest landscape.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.