Dreams v2.61 - BeechCorp Proudly Presents: Tren

What is Tren? What does it mean to be a Tren operator? How many flips can that lil’ engine actually do? There are plenty of questions to be answered and here at BeechCorp, we couldn’t be more excited to take you for a ride - er, we mean, have you along for the ride.

In this latest update to Dreams, BeechCorp and Media Molecule have come together to deliver an action-packed adventure for dreamers around the world, the likes of which has never been seen in the Dreamiverse before! Finally the time has come to see what Tren is all about, answer the above questions, and most of all - and this next bit is extremely important - have fun!

We know you’ll be eager to get going full steam ahead, but what to do while you wait for the update to download? Well, first of all there’s the mighty helpful Tren Modular Play System Instruction Manual & Safety Guide, crucial reading for any and all willing operators. Then there’s the wondrous Tren trailer - a MUST watch - which you can find below. We’ve also put together a whole heap of useful information over on our Tren hub, including Trengineering tips and details on the wide array of vehicles you’ll soon be controlling.

The Tren launch trailer.

And with that, it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of the update. Be sure to share your experiences with us on social media with the hashtags #Tren and #MadeInDreams!

What’s New?


  • It’s here! BeechCorp’s latest and greatest work - Tren! From its humble beginnings to the 95-track strong, high-score chasing, nostalgic trip down memory lane we see today, Tren offers fun for all the family! You’ll be flipping, dipping, zooming and (let’s face it) crashing around tracks in no time when you jump into Tren in DreamSurfing.
The key art for Tren.

The key art for Tren.

Play Later

(Requires that you own Dreams)

Tren Set

  • The fun does not stop there, not in the slightest! Why only drive BeechCorp’s Tren tracks when you can make your own? With the Tren Set, you can bring your own tracks to life and send them out for others to explore. Over 550 unique items - from tracks to vehicles to environmental elements - await willing Trengineers!
A screenshot of the Tren Set collection, available in Dreams.

A screenshot of the Tren Set collection, available in Dreams.

Play Later

(Requires that you own Dreams)

Tren Template

  • In DreamShaping you’ll find a selection of BeechCorp-endorsed Play & Edits, giving you a head start on your Tren creations.

Tren Icons

  • We’re told a new Dreams game is only as good as its icons and let us tell you, we’ve provided PLENTY of new icons with Tren. BeechCorp’s official Tren icon selection contains over 170 new icons for use across the Dreamiverse, and you can find them nestled away right here.

Snap Points

  • A crucial part of Tren’s construction comes to dreamers with this update: Snap Points, a revolutionary new Guide! Snap Points allow you to snap things together in pre-defined ways, almost like a custom Surface Snap. Add Snap Points to your creations and they’ll snap nicely to other objects with Snap Points. You can even add Categories to them, so that items with a given category will only snap to others in the same category.

A video showing off brand-new BeechCorp technology, Snap Points.

A video showcasing how to use the new Snap Points.

A video showing off Snap Point categories.

Bug Fixes

BeechCorp will now make way for Media Molecule, who’ll cover some of the all-important bug fixes that are making their way to Dreams alongside Tren’s release. Take it away, Mm!

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players interacting with elements on a pinned animation canvas while something was behind it.
  • Fixed a bug where an animation would reset when wired to an animation gadget and having reached the end of its trim handle.
  • Fixed a bug where a playhead icon would appear on an open animation gadget tweak menu when the user is holding a wire.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from stamping Art from Art’s Dream into their homespace.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause creations to take longer than expected to load in search.
  • Fixed several issues related to Limits and taking Photos for users playing Dreams in Arabic.
  • Fixed a bug where notifications would not display correctly for 45 seconds after booting up the game.
  • Other various fixes and improvements.


  • A new bootscreen? Oh, go on then - just for Tren. This gorgeous scene of Tren winding its merry way through a treasure-filled attic was created by our very own Theo Hayne. Good work, Theo. BeechCorp salutes you.
The new bootscreen for Dreams, made by Theo Hayne, featuring Tren on a little journey along wooden tracks around a treasure-filled attic room.

The new bootscreen for Dreams, made by Theo Hayne, featuring Tren on a little journey along wooden tracks around a treasure-filled attic room.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.