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Media Molecule tells all!

We chat to data scientist Zach Arundel about kaiju, sausages, and the fact that he may or may not be a spy.

We chat to senior tester Charlotte Woolley about QA testing the Dreamiverse, retro tech, and the importance of having birds in games.

We chat to assistant localisation producer Johanna Cohen about location-specific phrases, Back to the Future, and a mighty need for coffee.

We chat to senior sound designer Oli Grant about llama noises, freelance life, and the sound of whisking eggs.

We chat to Dreams Specialist Martin Nebelong about creation software, traditional art skills, and creative jamming in Dreams.

We chat to level designer Maggie Mojsiejuk about neon-haired trolls, exploding faces, and Rayman 2.

We chat to level designer Erin Louise Harrison about the philosophy behind good level design, how learning through YouTube helped her, and how her journey into games started with a humble 3DS.

We chat to audio designer Lisa Devon about being a multi-talented musician, working with death metal singers, and whatever the heck a DAW is.

We chat to narrative artist Emei Burell about her unusual job title, environmental storytelling, and zombie narratives.

We chat to senior designer Catherine Woolley about the dynamic between Cuthbert and Connie, PS1 memory cards, and the trouble with tutorials.

We chat to content curator Jacob Heayes about finding the latest and greatest adventures in Dreams to share with the coMmunity, and the importance of videogame curation.

We chat to community manager Hollie Tang about making the most of memes, working on big events, and how to hype up a community.

We chat to senior animator Dave Campbell about why thumbs are so important in the Dreamiverse, and why a quality walk cycle is the bread and butter of any good animator.

Ever wondered how the musical masterpiece that is Art's Dream was made in Dreams, at the same time that Media Molecule was also making Dreams? Wonder no more, friend, and come jam with us...

Our top tips to help you get the most out of this year's show.

We chat to junior programmer Rosabelle Armstead about balancing studying for a degree with shipping a BAFTA-winning game.

Curious about how a game studio puts together a fully animated, playable awards show, which is livestreamed to thousands of people across the world... all while working from home? Come find out!

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