A smaller indreams release, adding updates to activity feeds, pinning functionality and the ability to identify 'things in photos' by rolling over them.

What's new?#

  • Pinned creations - You can now pin up to three of your favourite creations to your dreamer profile, highlighting your best work.
  • What's in a photo? - Photo profile pages now include a list of "Things in this photo". Mouse over the photo to see their names, and click on their thumbnails to go to them.
  • Activity feed - Update to your indreams activity feeds! You and your followers will now be notified if:
    • Your creation is chosen by our team as an MM Pick.
    • You are nominated for an IMPY Award.
    • You win an IMPY Award.
  • TAPgiles - Excellent new TAPgiles documentation link on Community & Fan sites.
  • EULA - A localised PlayStation EULA link has been added to the site footer.

Other improvements#

  • Fixed: Images no longer overlap text on the Wallpapers section of the Arabic assets page.
  • Fixed: Correct localised text is now shown on the Brazilian Portuguese 404 page.
  • Fixed: Challenge titles displayed in award badge tooltips are now localised.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.