Score Your Boards - v2.1.9

Are you the best around? Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down? Well it’s time to prove it with brand new scoreboard support, right here on indreams.

Already proven it? Nice work! Maybe you should share some love with your fellow dreamers and give a hearty thumbs up to that amazing photo you saw the other day? You know the one!

What’s New?#

  • Scoreboards: If a creation has scoreboards you can now browse them from its profile page.
Scoreboards section of a creation on

Scoreboards section of a creation on

  • Photo Thumbs Up: You can now view and give thumbs up to a photo in either the gallery light box or on the photo profile page.
Image light box with the new actions underneath it: Like, Info, Report and Share.

Image light box with the new actions underneath it: Like, Info, Report and Share.

Other Improvements#

  • Updated: You can now share or report an image from the gallery light box instead of having to go to the image profile page.
  • Updated: We have updated the award badges on the indreams homepage to add our new shiny wins: DICE Awards 2021 - Outstanding Technical Achievement, SXSW Awards 2021 - Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award and BAFTA Games Awards 2021 - Technical Achievement
  • Fixed: If a photo appeared in your following or notification feed, it would just show the ID of the photo. It now tells you which creation the photo is of.
  • Fixed: When sorting creations within a collection, the sort order would always change to Last Updated regardless of what you chose.
  • Fixed: There was a bug around @-mentioning someone with a hyphen in their PSN name in your extended bio or an extended description. It would not create a link to their profile, it will now.
  • Fixed: If you archived a creation, you would see the text code rather than the translated string.
  • Fixed: Sometimes on Dreams updates and updates the latest patch notes would appear in the Past updates section and the Latest update section would be empty.
  • Fixed: Audio preview playback was disabled on creation profile pages.
  • Fixed: Various minor bug fixes.

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