v1.4 “Dimetrodon“

Release date:

We didn't leave you without a dinosaur-named indreams.me release for long, did we? This new release is a slightly larger one, as we bring a brand new website online for supporting information for the game - docs.indreams.me.

What's new#

  • In-game text editing support
    • We have a brand new Live Tool for you! When you're signed in to both Dreams and indreams.me at the same time, the live tools area on indreams.me will automatically display a text field whenever you edit text in-game. This allows you to type in text easily from indreams.me, which may be preferable to the on-screen keyboard. It can be quite handy, try it out!
  • docs.indreams.me
    • All supporting documentation for Dreams now live in their very own special home, on docs.indreams.me(opens in new tab). Check it out! From now on, this is where you will find our latest release notes and user guide content. Links throughout indreams.me will now take you to their new location, plus any old links that may still exist elsewhere will redirect to the correct place.

Other improvements#

  • New: Sorting options for search results have been updated! They now include trending, busiest, most played, most used and release date.
  • Updated: The DreamsIcons typeface is now the latest version.
  • Updated: Users and creations now have improved navigation for connections. The terminology for following creations has been reverted from watching back to following for increased consistency and clarity.
  • Updated: Creation descriptions now better support some of the tags set by the game.
  • Updated: A number of behind-the-scenes updates to optimise the site and pave the way for upcoming releases.
  • Fixed: Server rendered pages now include lang attribute in HTML tag to improve parsing of pages by robots and search engines.
  • Fixed: Dreams icons in creation titles now display as intended.
  • Fixed: Clearing search results will now fetch recommended creations only.
  • Fixed: Fixed padding around site version and indreams updates link.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.