Release date:

This smaller indreams.me release adds localisation support and a few bug fixes.

What's new?#

  • More localisation
    • We've added yet more localisaton to indreams.me, which now supports the same languages as the game. Bundled in to the site now is support for: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish (Latin America).

Other improvements#

  • New: Filters are now available on profile content pages, including Genealogy, Following and Creation lists.
  • New: The docs.indreams.me site now includes a language switcher, to help with that sort of thing.
  • New: The docs.indreams.me site now supports searching, making it easier to find content from throughout the user guide.
  • Updated: The copyright infringement reporting page is now hosted on the docs.indreams.me website.
  • Updated: Dreams logos have been updated to match the final versions, including those lovely Arabic and Russian ones.
  • Updated: We've had a winter-clean out and removed thousands of lines of older, legacy code. Along with other improvements and rewriting this should help contribute to better performance of the site.
  • Updated: Help info dialog boxes will now close when you hit the esc key.
  • Updated: The DreamsIcons typeface has been updated to the latest version, as has the corresonding Icons Reference.
  • Updated: It's a jungle in there but the CSS styles have been improved a little, accounting for around a 10% reduction in stylesheet size.
  • Fixed: Audio playback issue in iOS browsers.
  • Fixed: Alignment of photo icon in the reporting pane.
  • Fixed: Issues with the display of the live player count on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: An issue whereby the live tools would show the scene rather than the Dream you were playing for Mm content.
  • Fixed: Issues with creation profile galleries on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: A browser crash when navigating back from a page of followers or creation screenshots pages.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.