v2.0 “T-Rex“

Release date:

It had to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex because the famed bipedal carnivore was almost as big in stature as this here indreams.me release. What other dinosaur name could we possibly bestow upon our hard work? For it is indeed, a biggie. We've been ferreting away in code tunnels for the past few months and have popped up, bleary-eyed, the other end of November with a brand new design. It's packed with improvements and new features for you to enjoy, we can't wait to let you have it!

What's new?#

  • Updated design
    • indreams.me has had a complete design overhaul, bringing in new colours, layouts and features. Every part of the site has been prodded, poked and pampered into what you see before you. Much of the site has been rewritten, which also brings about plenty of less obvious but none the less important improvements in speed and overall usability.
  • Publicly accessible
    • As Dreams slowly leaves the world of Early Access and steps ever closer to its full release, so to does indreams.me. All pages are now publicly accessible, making creations, users and photos much easier to share online.
  • Playlists
    • Yes, those same playlists that appear in Dreams are now available on indreams.me, providing a whole load of new content to access. To see the latest playlists, simply head to the indreams.me homepage.
  • Add to your Play Later queue
    • Tom from MySpace has no doubt sent you heaps of links to cool creations on indreams.me, but remembering to play them all can be kind of hard. Well, that's now a thing of the past, with the arrival of the "Play later" button, available on all creation pages. Click it once and your creation will be added to your play later queue, click it again and it'll be removed. Click it three times and a genie appears it will be added again. The fun never ends!
  • Thumbs up
    • Creation pages have been digit-ised with a shiny new thumbs-up button that's easy to click! Now everyone can be one of those people referred to as being "All fingers and thumbs".
  • Image galleries
    • Creators can now show off their very favourite screenshots for each of their creations, using new indreams.me image gallery functionality. Navigate to the Screenshots section of one of your creations and you'll be able to add up to 8 of your favourite pics to the gallery, which appears at the top of your creation's page.
  • Extended descriptions
    • Creation pages now include an extended description field, just for indreams.me! This means you can add all manner of riveting backstory, detailed instructions or whatever else you fancy. What's more, you can also add an extended bio to your user profile.

Other improvements#

  • New: A new "assets" tab makes downloading thumbnails that little bit easier. Click the icon on a creation page to open that creation in the tools menu. From there, you can access the assets tab, and an option to download the thumbnail.
  • New: You can now add Dreams to your Play Later queue! Simply hit the Play Later button on any creation page and it'll be in your queue in-game, immediately.
  • New: The layout and display of information throughout the app menu (that's the menu which displays tools and activity) has been improved.
  • New: Creation pages now include genealogy information, showing what a creation contains, what it's used in and what remixes have been made.
  • New: Creation pages now also include credits information, where you can see both collaborators and contributors.
  • New: Search results filters and sort options have been improved. It's now easier to drill-down in to search results using filters more closely matching those used in the game.
  • New: CoMmunity news is now displayed on the homepage, with links to recent articles published in a new section on docs.indreams.me(opens in new tab).
  • New: Theming of pages is improved and uses theme colours closer to that of the game.
  • New: A new footer appears on every page, reflecting the design from docs.indreams.me(opens in new tab)
  • Updated: Creation pages now contain more information about a creation, its statistics and whatnot.
  • Updated: Many changes to the document markup have been made to improve overall accessibility, including colour contrast and improved labelling for assistive technologies.
  • Updated: The notifications and following feeds have been updated to display yet more activity types, more closely reflecting those from the game.
  • Updated: Site menu. The previous site menu, located on the left-hand side of indreams.me, has been replaced by a new one, which includes top-level links to the user guide and key one-click searches.
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements across the site.

The Dreams User Guide is a work-in-progress. Keep an eye out for updates as we add more learning resources and articles over time.